Giro Apeckx

Recently dropped in price to compete in the hottly contested £100 budget market, the new Giro Apeckx road shoe make a great shot at being the best...

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  • Well veltilated
  • Lightest on test


  • Not much!

Price as reviewed:


  • Recently marked down £20 to fit into the competitive sub-£100 price bracket and to free up a little space further up Giro’s burgeoning shoe range, the Apeckx represents staggering value.

    The lightest on test at a svelte 285g for a size 42.5 and superbly ventilated, they are a great summer shoe.


    Neat touches included short cleat bolts in case those supplied with the cleats were too long for the thin-ish sole, useful cleat position markers, the availability of different insoles to suit different arches and the option of an HV (high volume) version for wider feet.