Giordana Donna FR_C Jacket review

Giordana Donna FR_C Jacket
Cycling Weekly Verdict

If truly freezing conditions see you avoid the country lanes, this could be the only winter jacket you need.

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    Race cut

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    Not bulky

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    No much

Designed as a jacket to wear for 75 per cent of a UK winter, I found the Donna FR_C to be good down to mid single figures.

A couple of degrees more can be gained by doubling up on base layers but because the fit is so good, and form hugging, don't expect to be able to layer up massively.

Windproof where it counted on the front, around the kidneys and on the arms, the thin, waffle backed fabric was far warmer than its thickness would make you think possible - internally the structure is like a sponge and polypropylene yarn means it wicks sweat through the three layers very fast.