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Score 10


  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Women specific


  • Not much


dhb Ladies Vaeon Padded Roubaix bib-tights


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GIVEN that I was handed these tights without a price tag, I was comparing them to the others tested as if they cost the same.

They may lack the classy stitching details of the Giordanas I combined with knee warmers, or the Castelli’s kudos but on the road, they were as good as the latter and preferable to the former.

The women’s specific chamois is superb and the fabric as warm and supportive as the Castelli.

The fact that they are half the price proves how good they are. Zips stay put, ankles gripped well, and they kept me plenty warm enough.


I would recommend the dhb tights, as comfort is far more important than looks.