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Score 7


  • Good 'aero' package
  • Light


  • Watch out for crosswinds


American Classic Victory 30, 1,570g £399.99


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This product is featured in: Seven of the best upgrade wheels.

On paper, these are the wheels for the ‘aero’ fans.

The deepest rim here, at 30mm (hence the name) should help cut through the air and shave precious seconds from your PB.

They’re quite light, especially considering the extra rim depth, and they pick up and accelerate quickly.

When you’re zipping along there’s no fuss with rougher roads and they generally help smooth out the riding experience.

All in all they’re a good package, but only in the best weather conditions.


Gusty winds made me question whether I'd be able to handle them full time. Other than that though, a competitive set-up worth considering if a deeper rim is your preference.