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  • Custom made
  • Wheels to suit your budget


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Harry Rowland Mavic/Novatech, 1,662g £305


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This product is featured in: Seven of the best upgrade wheels.

Harry Rowland’s years of experience as a wheel-builder ensures consistently great wheels, time after time.

The options are almost limitless, but for our budget and requirements, Harry recommended a reliable Novatec hub on a Mavic CXP33 rim.

With a more aerodynamic rim profile than Mavic’s classic ‘Open Pro’ box rim, the combination proved to be competitively weighted, strong, reliable, and at an excellent price to boot.


The cheapest offering here, this totally custom wheelset compares best to its closest price rival, the Hope Hoops, which feel similar, and that's a good thing. Harry Rowland sells a lot of sets between £200 and £300, so even if your budget is tighter than this, give him a call.