Zipp 101 wheelset




  • Well built
  • Stiff


  • Expensive
  • Harsh

Price as reviewed:


First off, £1,100 for a set of alloy rimmed wheels is a lot of money, whether they are hand-made in America or not.

That said they do have plenty of nice features with the main one being the full toroidal rim, so it’s about as aerodynamic an alloy rim as you can possibly get.

They feature Zipp’s venerable hubs and Sapim spokes, so everything is top-notch.

On the road it’s clear that they’re race wheels. A stiff build will give you a tough time on rough roads but rewards with speed, and thanks to that rim profile it doesn’t get blown around too badly while the weight is respectable at circa 1.5kg.


The feel is great but what else would you expect for the outlay? Fast, well built but very pricy - only you know if that's what you're looking for.