How to prevent your cables damaging your frame (video)

Our mechanic shows you how to protect your bike frame from cable rub

thomas voeckler BH ultralight evo tour de france bike cables

If you’ve just bought yourself a brand-spanking new bike, then you’re definitely going to want to protect the frame. Scuffs and scratches, caused by the cables on the bike, can ruin those sleek lines and good looks, and not to mention diminish the resale value of the bike.

Happily, it’s an easy fix, plus there’s a boatload of different ways to keep the frame protected – including rubber masking tape and frame protection patches.

How much of you bike you cover will depend on its paintwork. If it is matte, you might choose to protect whole portions of the frame as traditionally this finish shows scuffs more clearly.

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Before starting, your first priority should be making sure that your cables are routed as efficiently possible. In particular, try to make them as short as they can be, with out restricting the movement of the bars.

Next, use a measuring tape to measure the area you want to cover. While some patches will come pre-cut, you’ll often get a nicer finish by measuring and cutting your own.

Once measured, give the area a quick rub down with some Isopropyl alcohol. This will remove any grease, making sure the patches stick securely.

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When fitting the patch, make sure to stick it from the middle outwards. This allows any trapped air underneath the tape to escape. What’s more, giving the patch a quick blast with a hairdryer can help the patch bend to the shape of the frame.

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