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In 2017 there will be a greater choice than ever for those deciding to buy a road bike equipped with disc brakes. Here are our pick of five that could be top of your wish list next year.

Giant TCR Advanced Disc

giant tcr advanced disc

A classic road bike design with a history going back over 20 years, the Giant TCR has gained disc brakes for the first time in 2017, yet still manages to maintain a minimalist look with the disc brakes not interfering too much with the slim and slender tube shapes.

There are three different models available, with the highest TCR Advanced SL coming with an integrated seatpost for pro performance (although not great practicality if you’re trying to get it into a bike box), while there will be a number of spec choices on the less expensive frame models.

Ridley Noah SL Disc

ridley noah sl discOne of only a few disc brake equipped aero bikes on the market, the Ridley Noah SL Disc could find plenty of fans in people not interested in the impracticalities of the Specialized S-Works Venge Disc ViAS.

The Ridley comes with 12mm thru-axles at both front and rear, and flat mounts for the disc brake calipers. The fork also maintains the the same “F-Splitfork” design that is used on the non-disc Noah SL, which means that it is split in half down its length, a design that Ridley says pulls air away from the front wheel to improve aerodynamics.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO HiMod Disc

cannondale supersix evo himod disc

The rim brake Cannondale SuperSix EVO is an exceptional bike that won our Lightweight Bike of the Year award, and the disc version looks just as good with a very similar lightweight frame.

A bit of weight has had to be added to cope with the asymmetric braking forces of disc brakes, but this only sees an increase of 150g so a sub-UCI weight limit build is still easily possible. You also get thru-axles for better disc alignment, while the rear brake bridge is retained to improve rear end stiffness.

Merida Scultura Disc

merida scultura

The Merida Scultura Disc is the disc-equipped version of the standard Scultura, which briefly held the title of the world’s lightest production bike last year. And the disc version is still pretty light, hitting the scales at 900g, which is very respectable for a bike in this category.

Merida has made some pretty interesting changes to the disc brake Scultura, adding a cooling system around the rear disc brake to prevent them overheating if you’re dragging the bikes on long, fast descents, and also using the second generation of Focus’ Rapid Axle Technology, allowing for quick wheel changes with thru-axles.

BMC Roadmachine RM01

bmc roadmachine rm01

Launched only a couple of months ago, the BMC Roadmachine is intended to be a move away from the current trend to make bikes more and more specialised, with the Roadmachine aiming to be the perfect bike for all types of riding.

The new bike is available with three different frames (each with a different grade of carbon-fibre) and a wide range of builds, although unfortunately not every model will come in the stunning green paintjob seen above.