Watch: Drone crashes into cyclist mid-race (video)

This drone took the close-up a little too close

An incredibly unfortunate US rider fell victim to a drone as it crashed into the middle of the race. The video above was taken from a fellow racer riding in the Golden State Race series in Sacremento, California.

The video, uploaded by Kaito C, shows the drone falling from the sky into the unlucky rider's path at the 28 second mark forcing the rider to roll over the drone. Slowing down, the rider seems to be over the worst of it before the drone's wreckage gets caught in the front wheel and fork. The rider is then catapulted from the saddle over his handlebars.

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Falling from the sky, it can be seen that the drone had hit the nearby tree causing it to spiral down towards the path of the racer.

Thankfully the rider suffered no broken bones, only ending up with a broken wheel, helmet and some road rash. The drone owner is said to have offered to buy the rider a new wheel and helmet but it's not clear if that's the end of it.

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