British television broadcaster ITV has signed a new deal with the Tour de France to air coverage of the race until 2015.

The new deal agreed with Tour organiser Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) will allow ITV to continue its package of live coverage and highlights programmes. ITV will also increase the amount of coverage offered digitally, including online.

The new deal comes on the back of a successful year of cycling coverage for ITV. The company reports that its coverage of the 2011 Tour netted an increase in audience of 33 per cent compared to 2010. It also broadcast coverage of the 2011 Vuelta a Espana for the first time, in addition to coverage of the Tour of Britain, Tour Series and Revolution track events.

“ITV’s coverage of the Tour de France has a terrific reputation with viewers and sports fans and I’m delighted that, in one of the most exciting periods for British cycling, we have secured coverage on ITV4 until 2015,” said Niall Sloane, controller of Sport at ITV. 

The 2012 Tour de France starts on Saturday June 30 in Liege, Belgium, and finishes in Paris on Sunday, July 22.

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  • D Bowler

    BBC would not nessecarily have to do an hour long highlights show, and it would not be compulsory to watch, and no adverts would be a bonus, however i think ITV are doing a good job.

  • Mark Jones

    The BBC may be a better place for the Tour de France but do we really want to see an hour long highlights show two weeks after the event as I’m sure that’s all that the big wigs at the Beeb could be bothered to show us. ITV do a great job on the whole and I am very pleased that we have another four years of free to view cycling.

  • D Bowler

    I think that BBC may be a beeter place for the Tour, as no adverts would allow for more of the sport to be watched, particularly in the live coverage

  • sheldon

    ITV coverage of the Tour is great, for someone who doesn’t have Euro sport it means I can see the Tour and mountain stages are usually shown live. The Ad breaks are a pain but other than that I am very pleased with ITV.

  • Terry Hammond

    At least we have a fall back position if Eurosport are out bid by Sky when the TdF TV rights come up for renewal in 2013. If it goes to Sky then those of us unwilling to pay for TdF coverage will at least see something of the race on TV.

  • F Higgins

    A sad day indeed, unless ITV are sitting on an announcement that they are ditching both the Versus commentary and Ned Boulting’s excruciating clueless whatever it is he is supposed to do, but still fails miserably at.