The television personality misses the irony in her own statements as she complains about the new cycle infrastructure in Central London

Janet Street-Porter has spoken out about developments that she thinks have “brought London to its knees”.

To save you having to think of what apocalyptic scenarios could bring one of the world’s leading cities to the brink disaster, we’ll save you the trouble: Janet doesn’t like bikes.

Standing next to free-flowing traffic, JSP complains about the chronic congestion afflicting Britain’s capital city. Footage of man not using the cycle lane (on a road that doesn’t presently have one), shows a van belching out fumes: but the blame for pollution is attached to the emissions free bicycles.

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If the audio on this video were to be cut-up and re-ordered, there could be a lot of sense in what’s being said: walking around London can be unpleasant when the roads are clogged and the air is choked. Less pollution would benefit children, the elderly and disabled people trying to make their way around.

However, failing to identify that this will only be solved by there being fewer vehicles not more road space to fill up with more vehicles really misses the point.

Highlights from the Women’s Tour of Chongming Island

The UCI Women’s WorldTour continued with the first stage race outside of Europe in the shape of the Tour of Chongming Island.

The racing was frenetic on each day and in the end Wiggle-High5‘s Chloe Hosking came out on top thanks to a consistent performance and accumulated time bonuses.

The overall result did not affect the standings in the overall WorldTour competition, which is still led by Lizzie Armitstead (Boel-Dolmans).

Maarten Tjallingii’s children steal the show

Racing into his hometown, Maarten Tjallingii knew he’d done enough to get a trip onto the podium to receive the king of the mountains blue jersey at the Giro d’Italia.

Climbing the steps in Arnhem, the Dutchman took his children with him and it was they who got the biggest cheers.

Another great video from Orica-GreenEdge

Orica-GreenEdge make some excellent videos, and in truth they will probably never top this year’s behind the scenes look at Paris-Roubaix. But that’s fine, because it’s brilliant.

Going some way to making up for the lack of official highlights, OGE give us the lowdown on the Giro d’Italia using toys and a jar of asparagus.

Fingers crossed for more of these throughout the Giro and throughout the season.

Alex Dowsett’s toughest day

Grand Tour stage winner, multiple time trial champion and hero of a very long breakaway at the 2014 Tour of Britain, Alex Dowsett‘s toughest day will probably surprise you.

London’s new cycle infrastructure

With the Giro d’Italia having spent three glorious days in the Netherlands, it gave everyone living elsewhere (with the exception of Denmark) the chance to see what decent cycle infrastructure actually looks like.

However, London is slowly but surely crawling its way in the right direction, as this video from YouTube user sw19cam shows us.

The segregated, well surfaced cycle lanes on formally car clogged roads are already proving hugely popular and should go some way to expanding cycling’s appeal as a viable form of transport for everyone.

Exposure to air pollution decreases on segregated cycle lanes

How’s your Dutch? Never mind, the graph is pretty obvious: when the rider is forced between traffic and parked cars air particle pollution is high. When they move slightly away from the exhaust pipes and onto the segregated lane, the particle concentration drops.

This bodes well in relation to the previous video showing London’s progress, as Britain’s capital is also heavily polluted.

  • The Awakening

    Janet Street-Porter,

    PLEASE read, “Ex-Brookside star left cyclist with “catastrophic” injuries after driving bus over him while peeling orange at wheel” reported in I C&P;

    “The actor turned bus driver was also listening to music on headphones when he slammed into John Foster.”

    “Judge Alan Conrad, QC, said: “It was your responsibility to drive safely, to ensure the safety of your passengers and other road users.

    “Mr Foster was an active man of 65. You caused him devastating and life-changing injuries.

    “The accident was due to driving which created a significant risk of danger because of two avoidable distractions created by you.

    “Firstly, listening to music through headphones, which may have meant you weren’t aware of proximity sensors on your vehicle, and secondly, eating a piece of fruit.

    “Those distractions caused you to collide with Mr Foster and run him over. The injuries are nothing short of catastrophic.”

    Janet Street-Porter, if ONLY there had been a cycle lane…

  • The Awakening

    Janet Street Porter has decided to become the champion of those who dislike cyclists.

    Janet Street Porter has taken it upon herself to fight the ever increasing numbers of cyclists on the roads and the increase in cycling lanes over the Country.

    Whilst the provisions for cycling here in Britain are trying to catch up, compared to many other Countries, Janet Street Porter wants Britain to remain anti cycling.

    What Janet Street Porter has failed to mention, are the road deaths caused by motorists and the provisions for cycling in the infrastructure are an attempt to prevent those road deaths.

    It would appear that Janet Street Porter has decided to find the niche in the anti-cycling sentiment in this country and fulfill her own life’s destiny and give meaning to the purpose of her own existence on this earth. Without fighting cyclists, what other purpose would Janet Street Porter be required for?

    The role model of being ‘anti-cyclist’, that Janet Street Porter has undertaken, fulfills her own justification for being alive.

  • Steve S

    I really wanted to be angry when I ready the headline, but this video is hilarious. Daft BBC luvvie. I’m going to watch it again.

  • joe

    JSP’s video is bordering on satirical Brass Eye style tongue in cheek farce. Sadly I think she was serious. Also seriously delusional.

  • Chris

    What was that Super-Highway she was standing on, giving her diatribe? Oh Yes! Its a pavement. Pedestrians and their motorised transport, i.e. buses, are already well catered for. Single bikes and driver only cars should have similar social status. As for bikes not having to pass MOT’s, I doubt at her time of life, whether she would pass one either. Signed, a car driver, cyclist and pedestrian.

  • David Ritchie

    Victimising cyclists for the decisions of politicians. Who are you , JSP?