In response to the #ChooseCycling network, the Scottish National Party says it aims to get 10 per cent of Scottish journeys made by bike

The Scottish National Party has pledged an ambition to see 10 per cent of all journeys in Scotland to be made by bike by 2020 in its response to British Cycling’s #ChooseCycling network.

The network wrote to the leaders of all the main parties asking them to show their support for cycling, with replies received from the majority of parties.

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Nicola Sturgeon’s letter to British Cycling pledges to continue the support the development of the National Cycle Network and says the SNP has “developed guidance for local authorities on 20mph limits and zones”.

British Cycling’s policy adviser, Chris Boardman, said: “It’s encouraging to see the SNP commit to our 10% target of everyday trips being made by bicycle. They pledge to do this by 2020 – five years earlier than our ask of 2025.

“Nicola Sturgeon cites funding that is already going towards cycling in Scotland but it would be even better to see an annual transport funding commitment towards cycling, as active travel, that is more in line with achieving the target of 10% of journeys by bike.”

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Scottish Cycling’s Corporate Services Manager, Jim Riach, said: “We are encouraged by the SNP position and targets in relation to everyday trips by bicycle.

“Recreational cycling and cycle sport also make significant contributions in inspiring the nation, delivering an economic impact and contributing to the health and social well-being of the nation, so it would be good to see cycling referred to in an “over-arching” strategy – not just in transport terms.”

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The #ChooseCycling network says it is still awaiting replies from Labour, Plaid Cymru and UKIP.

  • huhu

    Made same claim 5 years ago. No-one interested in discussing that now. You see how this works..

  • kenneth dixon

    You can’t pledge an ambition. You either pledge to do something and then actually do it, or just say that you have an ambition. This is an ambition (albeit a good one) that’s over 2 years old that’s been given a make-over for the election.

    I’d love to love proved wrong though.

  • John Westwell

    Slightly more believable if any of the prominent politicians used bikes.

  • Dr David Martin

    Commits to a pledge to an aspiration to have a target.. SNP supporting cycling? To quote Sir Humphrey “I’m glad you think so”

  • Douglas Leitch

    As someone from Scotland I won’t be holding by breathe waiting for that.