The long-running battle between cyclists and politicians in New South Wales is set to continue after the government announced plans to force riders to carry identification with them at all times.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that NSW roads minister Duncan Gay convened a roundtable to discuss cycling-safety issues, but all that seems to have come out of it is more regulations on riders.

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Government representatives are reportedly willing to trial laws requiring motorists to keep a safe distance from cyclists while overtaking, but at the same time they are keen to increase the amount cyclists are fined for breaking road laws.

The paper reports that Harold Scrubby, chairman of the Pedestrian Council, said there was a consensus that the $69 fine currently imposed is too low.

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“We all agreed that registration is going to be difficult but perhaps anyone over the age of 18 should be required to carry some form of ID,” Mr Scruby said.

The NSW government has long been searching for a way to license cyclists, but the expected course of action is to require riders to carry an existing form of identification, such as a driving licence.

Cyclists in Sydney are already angered by the government’s decision to remove a segregated bike line on College Street to make way for the building of a new light rail line.

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    Please tell me I get to show it to everyone…. because im sure the Café set that cringe when I walk in with lycra will just LOVE IT! #saymyname

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    ID, number plates, micro chips, swipe cards, et al.

    First they came for the cyclists…
    Then they came for the walkers…
    Then they came for the joggers…
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    Then they came for those eating fish and chips, then there was trouble!