Bradley Wiggins's Hour Record tickets sold out in double-quick time. Some were lucky enough to snag a couple of seats, while many were left disappointed

It was a case of blink and you’ll miss it when tickets went on sale for Sir Bradley Wiggins’ Hour Record attempt on Friday morning, with the event selling out in under 15 minutes.

With tickets available from 10am, with the most expensive priced at £49, many fans were left empty handed and frustrated with the fact that the high demand left the Sky tickets website unresponsive.

Olympic windsurfer Nick Dempsey was one of those who wasn’t lucky enough to secure tickets.

Meanwhile, Alistair Rutherford and Julian Stock take a look at the sell out from a financial perspective.

In the world of rock and roll such a quick sell out will often result in the artist announcing extra tour dates, but it’s likely that Mark Thomas will be disappointed by Wiggins’s one-off performance.

Will, on the other hand, thinks the sell out is simply a sign that cycling has hit the mainstream.

But Simon Warren had the answer to the problem days ago: go and watch Alex Dowsett’s Hour Record attempt in Manchester on May 2 if you can’t get/afford tickets to see Wiggo.

  • Nick Senechal

    Whatever the technicalities of ticketing, the demand justifies showing it live on TV!

  • Andrew Crowther

    I bought mine at 1.10pm (after one refresh) and there were loads of tickets left on the back straight of the velodrome. They must have staggered the release of tickets. The story of tickets selling out in 15 mins is completely false.

  • elan

    Well I tried to get tickets for a true rock star,5 hours on the net.And the resale tickets went for £500.

  • peaksp

    Extra performances :). That would be impressive.
    Best of luck Wiggo. Really looking forward to it.

  • pixelcellar

    Didn’t get mine till 10:40, turns out if you’re lucky enough to find tickets you have 8 mins to complete the purchase or they get recycled. I refreshed for ages and intermittently got the message saying the tickets had sold out and then was offered some, allbeit in small pockets of availability here and there.

    I’m sure plenty will have given up when seeing the sold out message which wasn’t really accurate. That should only be shown when tickets really are sold out and not when there are tickets still pending completion that may yet drop back into availability.

    Still perseverance paid off, 40 mins later I got 6 seats together for my family against the odds; can’t wait to see what Sir Wiggo can do 🙂