There's more to your Garmin Edge than you might think

If you’ve made it this far, then the chances are that you own a Garmin Edge computer. But do you actually know what it’s capable of? Yes, it will show you your speed and distance and things like that, and all are able to show some sort of route for you to follow.

But there are lots of other things that these little boxes on the front of your handlebars can do that you might not be so aware of…

1. Turn every ride into a race

Turn on Strava Live segments on your Garmin, and you’ll never have an easy ride again. You’ll just be cruising along enjoying the sunshine, when your Garmin lets off a little beep, and begins counting down as the start of a Strava segment is approaching.

With that in front of you it’s hard not to put the hammer down, especially if you’re approaching the segment at speed and gain an early advantage on the little arrow on the screen that represents either your personal record, the KOM, or the fastest of your mates on that segment.

Compatible models: 510, 520, 810, 820, 1000

2. Puts eyes in the back of your head


Especially if you’re inching your way forward into a cruel headwind, then it can be hard to hear cars approaching from behind. However, if you’ve got a Garmin Varia Rearview Radar device strapped to your seatpost, then it will be able to tell you when vehicles are approaching from behind.

Cars will then be displayed as little dots on the right hand side of your Garmin, working their way up the screen as they get closer to you, so you should never be startled by a vehicle coming from behind again.

Compatible models: 25, 510, 520, 810, 820, Explore 820, 1000, Explore 1000

3. Tell you what gear you’re in

Too tired/lazy to look down between your legs? Got such bad eyesight that you probably shouldn’t be on a bike in the first place? Then your Garmin can tell you what gear you’re in. Of course to take advantage of this feature you need an electronic groupset (and if it’s Shimano Di2 the you’ll also need a D-Fly wireless transmitter).

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The big downside of this feature is that if you’re at the base of a big climb and go straight into your easiest gear then you have a constant reminder of the fact that you’ve already run out of gears, and if it gets steeper, then you’re just going to have to pedal harder.

Compatible models: 510, 520, 810, 820, Explore 820, 1000, Explore 1000

4. Put you through agony

Ok, more accurately, your Garmin can put you through a test to calculate your functional threshold power (FTP). But it’ll be hard. The workout consists of a 35 minute warm up followed by an empty-the-tank 20 minute effort.

At the end of that, your Garmin will be able to tell you your FTP, which you can then use as the basis for many other brutal workouts.

Compatible models: 520, 820, 1000

5. Tell you when to put your feet up

You don’t get fitter while you’re training; all that does is break down muscle fibres. It’s during the supercompensation period after training that you really get faster as your body rebuilds to make yourself stronger than you were before.

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This is why recovery is key to good performance, and at the end of your workout, your Garmin’s Recovery Advisor will be able to tell you how long you need to wait before going on your next big ride.

Compatible models: 520, 820, 1000

6. Tell you how much beer you can drink


As any nutritionist will tell you, hydration is key to proper recovery, which is why there is an app that you can put on your Garmin to tell you how many beers you’ve earned on your ride.

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The “Beers (& Others)” app can be downloaded through the Garmin Connect IQ app store, and then put on your Garmin, so there will always be that bit of extra motivation to do that extra loop at the end of a long ride.

Compatible models: 520, 820, Explore 820, 1000, Explore 1000

7. Let you know when you’re going to get wet

However much of a hardman you think you are, deep down no one likes riding in the rain, which is why your Garmin can show you the weather for your current location for the next few hours, and can also send you alerts if it’s about to absolutely chuck it down.

Of course that’s not much use if you forget to check the weather when you headed out and left your waterproof at home, but at least you might be able to plan a sneaky cafe stop to shelter from the rain.

Compatible models: 510, 520, 810, 820, Explore 820, 1000, Explore 1000

8. Keep you in the loop

One of the traditional joys of cycling is that it lets you escape everything else in your life and head for the hills to enjoy the fresh with nothing but the ticking of your freewheel and the beating of your heart for company. But now, thank God, you can add the ding of your smartphone to that list.

But at least with smart notifications on your Garmin you can see what that text was about without having to pull your phone from your back pocket.

Compatible models: 520, 820, Explore 820, 1000, Explore 1000

9. Create a route for you

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 17.12.57

It can be tempting to stick to the same few roads on every ride, but why not do a bit of exploring and let your Garmin plan a route for you. All you need to is put in the length of ride you want to do ius put in the length of the ride you want to do and your starting location and your Garmin will give you three different routes to choose from.

Ok, so it’s not completely infallible. For example one of the options for a 70km route from Cycling Weekly HQ in Croydon took us through the centre of London, out towards Barnet and back, a route that no right minded human being would consider, so you still need to have some common sense.

Compatible models: 820, Explore 820, 1000, Explore 1000

10. Help you declutter

You those wires that you’ve got cluttering your desk to let you upload your morning commute when you get into work, well now you can get rid of them, as if your Garmin is connected to your phone, then you can automatically upload your ride to Garmin Connect which should then sync to Strava.

Actually, wait, maybe don’t throw those cables away altogether, as you still need to charge the thing. When will wireless charging be coming to Garmins, I wonder?

Compatible models: 25, 510, 520, 810, 820, Explore 820, 1000, Explore 1000

11. Put a speedo on your handlebars

garmin edge 520 my edge speedometer app

It might not be as retro as the Omata analogue GPS computer, but probably the coolest thing we’ve found so far on the Garmin Connect IQ app store is the My Edge app, which turns the screen of your Garmin into a speedometer.

Not only does it show your speed, but there are coloured dots around the edge of the dial to show your average speed and maximum speed, while the other fields on the display can show things like power, heart rate, distance, etc. Genius.

Compatible models: 520, 820, Explore 820, 1000, Explore 1000

12. Send out alerts if you crash

No one likes the thought of having an accident on a ride, but if you have a bad crash while riding on your own, then the Garmin Edge Explore 1000 can, through your phone, send messages to your emergency contacts to let them know that you’ve crashed and tell them where you are.

This is triggered through any sudden movement to the Garmin, which means that it could think you’ve crashed if you just knock your Garmin off the table at the cafe stop. But thankfully you have a 30 second window in which to stop the messages being sent out, so your partner won’t jump in the car and rush out in a panic, only to find you safe and sound and tucking into a second slice of cake.

Compatible models: 820, Explore 820, Explore 1000

  • Michael Hartley

    My 810 has crashed twice in as many years. Exactly the same place on the same ride. Data recovered by cable connect to pc and drag file off and manually uploaded to strava….panic over….if its not on strava blah blah. Other than that I am happy….eccept my usb socket has corroded somewhat. Thats the uk weather for you

  • A3203503

    Articles starts off if you own a Garmin Edge computer, but most tips are for specific Edges. I own a 810 and only 5/12 tips apply, plus most tips require an additional piece of kit. A bit misleading IYAM.

  • briantrousers

    My 500 can’t do any of those things. Works perfectly though!

  • tecnocato

    Wahoo simply works as advertised. Garmin cycling products are riddled with bugs that prohibit the owners from advertised features. Point in case: live tracking, synching, etc. You bought the 510/520 over the 500 for connected features. Do those work? Then try support. Garmin as a company is horrible. I had three GPS trackers and without any notice or offered solutions/alternatives they cancelled the service. Do you want to buy three almost new GTU-10? I’ll sell them to you for $10 plus shipping. And no, I was not doing anything wrong besides buying their products. I just got rid of my last Garmin product and I am now Garmin-Free: Wahoo computer, speed sensor, viiia HR monitor and Quarq power meter.

  • crumb

    I am sure the wahoo is great but I have had minimal problems with my Garmin 510. Usually the problem was me doing something wrong. I love my Garmin.

  • Samuel Clemens

    Goodness. I have an 810 and haven’t a single gripe with it (which is not to say your experience is invalid, by any means).

  • Samuel Clemens

    Yep mine has my ‘If found, please return to ‘my name, phone number and address’. Haven’t lost the bugger yet, though!

  • Now now, just because it crashes frequently during the middle of rides and loses your data it doesn’t mean it’s a bug ridden piece- ok you’re right, it is.

  • Hugh Strickland

    These folks at cycling weakly sure do search for stuff to write about and they seem to do this kind of article all too often.

  • Finlay MacArthur

    Completely agree with you on that, my 810 is a bug ridden piece of rubbish.

  • tecnocato

    13. Trade-in for a WaHoo ELEMNT, the one that actually works with synching and live tracking. I am now #GarminFree!

  • Robin Mainwaring

    “Turn every ride into a race”. [ironic] Hoorah! [/ironic]

  • IamFree

    Good tip – and it works on an 800! None of the 12 do.

  • ridein

    Did you know that you can author your own welcome screen? On mine I have “If found, please call David at 936-xxx-xxxx”