The Movistar man adds the 25 competition record to the 10-mile record he took in 2014


Movistar professional Alex Dowsett smashed the British 25-mile time trial competition record on Sunday morning, recording 44-29.

The previous record of 45-43 held by Matt Bottrill was broken by over a minute in the ECCA Championships in Cambridgeshire on the E2/E5 course near Newmarket.

Dowsett averaged 33.7mph (54.2kmph) on the A14 Newmarket bypass to become the first rider to break the 45 minute barrier for the distance.

Colin Ward (Essex Roads CC) was second, clocking 47-45, with Justin Layne (CC Ashwell) third with 48-49. Julia Freeman (Easterly RC) was fastest woman with 55-57.

Dowsett was riding the event as he was home from training in the Pyrenees to celebrate his mum’s 60th birthday.

Watch: Pro bike – Alex Dowsett’s Canyon Aeroad

“I knew I was coming home, so had a look around for events and saw there was one on the E2, which is nice and local,” he said.

“It’s a part of the sport I really like. It’s where I got into the sport, so I try and do them when I can. I don’t do it to try and beat everyone else, but to really test myself – although, I don’t like the 4am wake up calls!”

Conditions on the day were slightly cold, with a light wind giving a cross/tailwind out and headwind back.

Dowsett was last man off at 8:10am, but he revealed that the return leg wasn’t as bad as feared, with some shelter from the headwind offered by the hedgerows along the route.

“I got everything out, and couldn’t have done more, and the numbers aren’t bad,” said Dowsett who averaged 409 watts for his record-breaking ride, and reckons he could go even faster in warmer conditions.

The Essex rider is clearly returning to form after having to pull out of the Giro d’Italia to have surgery to remove a metal plate from his right collarbone, that he fractured in a training crash in February 2015.

The plate was starting to show through the skin and carried the risk of getting infected.

He says he was bitterly disappointed to miss the Giro, as he had been targeting the opening 9.8km time trial, viewing it as a career defining chance to take the maglia rosa.

  • Michael

    If I’m a loony in the same sense that Charles Hermite was then fair enough.

    Ultimately we had a few liars and apologists who wanted to deny the truth and, when that failed, they made up stuff instead.

    Rather than accepting a simple truth and reality.

    When one of the liars asks you to provide a proof of course I just have to ridicule him.

  • Eric

    That’s a lot a effort to make clear to anyone reading it…that you are quite loony.

  • Michael

    Nonsense, my post was a simple statement of fact – and it contains all the information available.

    You dismissed the fact as nonsense and then started saying the fantasies that others are posting about this abuse are right.

    You don’t really know the difference between fact and fiction do you? You just agree with what you’d like to be true.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    The way I read your original post, you implied that locals didn’t like Alex riding in UK TTs.

  • Chumply Chummunderson

    They appear to have adopted him but want to see some results (source: revista Ciclista, don’t have the date but bought it in Palma airport last summer). Out on the road there, my experience is much the same as it is in England, sadly rather nationalistic.

  • Chumply Chummunderson

    I’m half Danish-Spanish but have lived in England since I was 12 years old. Yes, I know it should be UK, but my parents always call the UK England, so I do too. Again, very sorry if I’ve offended you.

  • Bob

    I remember the first sub 50 min 25, I think Eddie Adkins then Alf did it on the same day, and thought it incredible, but even with modern technology and all the aero stuff, a sub 45min ride is fantastic, and will surely take some beating – WD Alex

  • highrouleur

    Surely everyone on this site is a 60kg whippet with 0% body fat, who’s only knowledge of Big Mac is the 6 foot Scottish fella who is the wheel to sit on when it’s headwinds?

  • highrouleur

    yes, sadly his Sky spell was plagued by injury otherwise I’m sure he was being lined up as one of faces for London 2012 as a godsend to PR people. Must admit I’m happy to see him move on though, with sky he would only have been the guy dragging the bunch along whereas Movistar seem happy to give him chances to go for it occasionally and will let him take it easy ahead of TT stages. Any idea if he’s liked in Spain by cycling fans or is he not really noticed?

  • Odd Bloke

    We’re not all little. Some of us are big. Like Americans. Big Mac eaters.

  • highrouleur

    Who knows? You seem to have been quite happy to keep it going for days, despite thinking me a dishonourable liar. I must admit, during that time period, I’ve gone from trying to clear up a misunderstanding to being willing to see how ridiculous a thread on cycling could possibly get, to just trying to work out what the hell is going on…. I’m assuming you are a fairly serious cyclist to be on the site? club cyclist? do you race? sportives? leisure?

  • Michael

    Mean very little? Sheesh, it meant something far more important than anything you will ever do or say.

    If you’d wanted to discuss what I posted before then you should have done, instead of saying it wasn’t true and then when I proved it was true, backpedalling and saying that you’d made a “joke”

    As it is, why would I want to discuss anything with a liar?

  • highrouleur

    Ok that proves you can copy and paste massive walls of text that mean very little. Going back to the original thing that kicked off all this nonsense, if a world tour pro was genuinely subjected to howls of hideous abuse at a two bit event, why would you suppose he keeps turning up at those events whenever he’s got free time in his schedule?

  • Michael

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  • highrouleur


  • Michael

    Another lie.

    Stay classy

  • highrouleur

    Well, one of us was there at dawn ready for some good duelling and one was too chicken to turn up. I know who I judge as most honourable

  • Michael

    What I wrote was dead right and you said it was nonsense.

    Suggesting you’re not the best judge of what is or isn’t right.

    I see being the worm you are you’ve not apologised.

    I think this is more telling of what you are like than your own suggestion for “us Essex lads” Stay classy Rupert.

  • Michael

    No, you besmirched your honour.

    Assuming you had any to begin with.

  • Marty

    TT whisperers ! Highly strung ?

  • Gary Jogela

    Re: The spat between Michael and high rouleur. What was up with Michael?

  • highrouleur

    Sir you have besmirched my honour and I demand satisfaction. I challenge you to a duel with pistols at dawn

  • Michael

    I didn’t tell you what you meant.

    You know what you meant.

    I told you that you’re a liar. And you are.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    That’s dead right.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    Yes that’s more like it. Us Essex lads do like a bit of a wind-up now and again you know!

  • highrouleur

    Thanks for telling me what I meant, I need you around more often…

  • llos25

    I assume you mean the UK only just.

  • ridein

    Gender is for free although age is for premium members.

  • Tim Phillips

    You do know he has to come back up the road as well right?

  • Tim Phillips

    Not for long unfortunately if the little Englanders have their way..

  • Lee Wingate

    The “abuse” is light hearted comedy that is prevalent in the TT world! A lovely bit of gallows humour before flogging yourself to within an inch of your life. It’s great fun and Alex loves it as that’s his background. All round great guy.

    Personally it’s great to see him at these events, at the end of the day it’s what TTs are all about, you vs the clock! But fantastic to see the diff between top amateurs such as colin ward and a full time pro. They are both local and I see them around at races all the time. It’s great for grass roots and riders young and old!

  • Michael

    “My post about who’s ever heard of a crowd at a tt was a joke”

    Oh please. Don’t lie.

    You tried to suggest that what I’d said wasn’t true.

  • Chumply Chummunderson

    No problema. Movistar appear to have faith in him, Alex likes it there (source: Cycling magazine) and if he wasn’t so injury prone I’m sure it’s a better place for him than at Sky.

  • llos25

    I am German shall I insist all the features are in German or Spanish.

  • highrouleur

    My post about who’s ever heard of a crowd at a tt was a joke as they typically attract noone other than the riders involved and maybe a significant other out on the course if we’re lucky. However when someone like Alex or Wiggins comes out to ride you do tend to see a few more people in laybys on the course cheering them on. Not sure if you’re involved in the TT scene at all but if you look over on the tt forum you will see pretty much everyone on there is happy for Alex. I stand by my earlier comments, I wasn’t there for the 10 CR but I find it hard to believe anyone was genuinely abusing him, at most it would have been light hearted banter….

  • Michael

    Well, no. He doesn’t give any detail about the abuse at all.

    The anecdote about the 70 year old is a separate, unrelated part of his description of the day.

    > I know a few people come up to see the likes of Alex ride

    Odd because in your last post you said “Who’s ever heard of a crowd at a TT” as you tried to pretend it didn’t even happen. You’re just making any old nonsense up as you go along aren’t you?

  • highrouleur

    Por favor, disculpe mi google traducido español. ¿Qué le parece a Alex como un jinete de ahí?

  • Chumply Chummunderson

    But only if you pay for the age/gender segregation. Otherwise, we’re even worse than we thought.

  • Chumply Chummunderson

    ¿Un ingles? ¿De un equipo español?
    I thought he would appreciate the sentiment. I’m sorry I’ve offended you. England is still part of Europe, no?

  • highrouleur

    TBF it does sound more like light hearted abuse there and he didn’t seem that bothered, in the rest of the quote he mentions the crowd telling the guy in front of him to try and hold him off! I joked about crowds in TTs in my earlier post because they are rare, but I know a few people come up to see the likes of Alex ride and I find it hard to imagine anyone would genuinely be abusive to him as all the locals have seem him progress since his was a kid and join the pro ranks. I came into cycling late and first met him when he was riding for 100%me, still turning up for local events round Essex, but even at that point I could tell everyone was massively proud of him, even more so since he’s made his way into the world tour ranks and winning giro stages…..

  • highrouleur

    The really scary thing, one of the quality amateur TTers who is good at modelling times based on conditions reckons with a better air pressure (apparently it was quite high for the event) and temperature closer to 20degrees, Alex would have gone under 42:45 with his power and Cda from Sunday. I’ll just leave that here, I can’t think of enough superlatives….

  • Michael

    Sheesh, it’s in interview on this site.

    Day in the life: how Alex Dowsett broke the 10-mile TT record
    “I think my start was 3.50pm. There was a small crowd gathered at the start, which was quite cool, and they’re all shouting abuse!”

  • highrouleur

    I know a guy who did just under 53 minutes and he said Alex flex past him like a train! a 52.xx is a damn good time on there, what Alex did is just scary. Annoyingly thing is he’s bloody good looking and a really nice bloke as well

  • two20

    To think you could go under the hour and still be caught for 15 minutes is mind blowing. Well done Alex.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    He loves TTs – why not – but there aren’t many pro TTs! The one he wanted to take a tilt at was the Giro prologue, but he was denied the chance.

    When Alex rides TTs here, I can tell you he’s very much one of the lads, anybody can just go up and chat with him – he’s a nice lad. He’s also seriously bloody fast – and I can’t think of any cyclist that I know of that would hold that against him in any way, that would just be nuts.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    Absolute rubbish, total nonsense.

  • Joe Morris

    Well done Alex. I have followed the 25mile TT records since Alf Engers and your record will stay for some time.

  • ridein

    Much like Strava which only segregates based on gender or age.

  • John Senior

    Surely you should be glad that Dowsett is happy to come back to his roots – given he’s a pro with a Workd Tour Team you can see how good Bottrills old record was.
    Testing is generally about getting your best time rather than winning – if it wasn’t all events would be on sporting courses.
    Great ride – don’t knock it!

  • Michael

    You’re reading the site the article is on highrouleur.

    Day in the life: how Alex Dowsett broke the 10-mile TT record

    Try harder.

  • highrouleur

    It is undoubtedly a fast course. It’s pretty flat and windy up there, but the wind can be kind at times with big tailwinds and shelter from the headwind in the opposite direction if you’re lucky. Plus the traffic helps, although I doubt there was much early on a Sunday morning. TBH a lot of the amateurs at the top end are using kit just as aero as Alex and many have spent time in wind tunnels and other forms of aero testing, so I’d be surprised if any of the amateurs riding had a higher power than Alex.

  • highrouleur

    Well he was supposed to be riding the giro but a medical issue came up so he had some free time in his race schedule. Guess he will be back in action on the pro scene shortly

  • yes , but some of the other times with pm are crazy also. i am guessing AD is very aero tuned / course is fast (lots of cars?) he could probably go faster than someone with more power. just wondering if all that $$ = 10W or even 25W? (over 2nd) in my part of the world 390w = 50min

  • highrouleur

    Got a link for that, it sounds unlikely? Who’s ever heard of a crowd at a TT??

  • Peter J Kott

    I’m not questioning whether he should be allowed or not but being a paid professional, should he not be entering professional races, thus furthering his career.

  • Peter J Kott

    I think it’s more like Real Madrid opting to play in an amateur tournament instead of the Champions League.

  • highrouleur

    Strava claiming 562. Suspect it might not be correct…. Not sure if Colin races with a PM

  • Michael

    Alex Dowsett said the small crowd were shouting abuse at him in a write up on CW for the 10-mile TT.

  • it would be really cool to know how many watts Colin Ward did..please

  • Mike Padfield

    The surface isn’t actually that good, it is the fact that it is a dual carraigeway and the passing traffic sucks you along with it and the road is wide enough so you are not affected by oncoming traffic. Most people would get a PB on this course. The later starters have an advantage as more traffic.

  • Chris

    As a tester back in the 70s-80s , it was usually irrelevant to me who won, as I was competing against those names further down the order who were known to me from local clubs. If I compared myself to the likes of Cammish, Engers, Queen or Yates I would have become seriously depressed.

  • gr1nch

    I think it’s fair for all riders to be able to compete, whatever the ability, in *some* races. And time trials are one of the few where an amateur can ride in the same race as a world class rider, which Dowsett is against the clock.

    And I bet you most riders there were more chuffed to be in the TT where Dowsett broke the 45min barrier, than getting slotted down one place because he came first. Some days there are just things more important, more fun and memorable than one absolute position in the standings.

    If it was football, would I like my amateur football team to be in a tournament with Real Madrid? You betcha 😉

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    Peter – you’re missing the point. Alex is a British club rider who is now a World Tour Pro. I saw Alex riding local time trials when he was just a schoolboy – but he’s made it all the way to the top. That’s fantastic! Don’t knock it.

    It’s a fabulous time and it gives real perspective to our domestic TT records. I’m damn sure that guys like Matt Bottrill won’t grumble that he shouldn’t be allowed or whatever – they’ll just say what a great achievement.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    Yeah…. for 500 yards.

  • Arne Beswick


  • Simon Barnes

    Amazing ride, the A14 must be a lovely road to produce a average speed so much better than his hour record. Could they use the same tarmac out our way…?

  • Michael

    Like I suggested, at what point do you decide that a rider who is faster than you isn’t fair? They’re younger? They have a better bike? They’re Alex Dowsett?

    You can kid yourself you’re the fastest even when you’re not – I showed you how in the last post.

    “Clearly I should win ergo these people shouldn’t be allowed to enter” – sheesh, grow a pair. You’re not the fastest TT cyclist. Time to get over it instead of making excuses.

  • It’s a fair point but at the same time only one person wins, so it is good to be able to compare against the best.

  • Lo mismo me preguntaba yo. Nunca lo sabremos.

  • gh

    Open your mind, little Englander!

  • Peter J Kott

    No, I’m just saying it seems unfair to pit club riders against a professional. Of course he’s going to be faster.

  • Alex

    Strong NE wind today which would have helped him ………. Even my Granny on her sit and beg with a whicker basket up front could have got close to the 45 minutes time.

  • Michael

    You mean you can kid yourself you’re fast if you filter out all the fast riders?

    “Change the age range….let’s change the weight category…now I want to filter out all the people who would be better than me….just look at people who completed the segment in the last hour…I’M 1ST PLACE! Whoot!”

  • Michael


  • Peter J Kott

    Very impressive. However, I can’t help thinking that domestic TT records should be left to amateurs and not WorldTour professionals.

  • llos25

    Why not put it in English in a UK magazine

  • Chumply Chummunderson

    ¡Enhorabuena, hombre!