In case you didn’t know, the Tour de France is just round the corner. And so it seems fitting to present this very accurate, very scientific quiz to find out exactly which of the four leading contenders for Tour glory – Alberto Contador, Vincenzo Nibali, Chris Froome and Nairo Quintana – you really are.

So take these nine life-changing questions and let us know who you got in the comments section below.

  • Viva Italia…I doubt Quintana will have a good Tour.
    Not versatile enough for the first half of the race.

  • Jonah M

    Nibali. Honestly I expected to get Quintana.

  • Mahleriano

    Nibali actually has a clear distinguishable style: “wide elbows”

  • that Nick guy

    You say lieutenant, I say Jens Voigt. Where’s the Jensie??

  • Daria Generalova

    Froomey as well. In my opinion, it’s just more questions of who is your favourite cyclist.

  • Keith Aitchison

    The picture of hautacam is Tourmalet!

  • I’m Froomey apparently. Although my climbing has been likened to Cav’s. Not a young Cav though, more of a middle aged Cav who’s really let himself go.