Introducing: Our First-ever Gravel Week

A week-long spotlight on all things gravel: tech, events, gravel stars, racing and bikepacking.

Gravel Week
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Has the gravel bug gotten you yet? Do you find yourself riding on increasingly wider tires on roads, or ‘groads’ less travelled? Will you be going bikepacking this summer? Or maybe you’re gravel-curious or attracted to a wider-tired, more capable and more comfortable utilitarian bike. Whoever you are, this week we are celebrating and putting the spotlight on all things gravel riding

From bike sales to event registrations and social media content, gravel continues to be the hottest trend in cycling, and we’re here for it! 

We'll be publishing tons of articles about gravel riding this week - and you can find them, as they go live, here.

Gravel, Roubaix, Groad, Adventuring…what’s the fuss all about?

At the heart, gravel is about adventure and exploration. It’s our modern day bike touring or the millennial generation’s call of the wild. 

It’s less about getting from point A and B as quickly as possible —though in racing or setting FKTs it certainly is—, and more about the journey in itself. It’s about building a different relationship with the bike and seeing where it and your own two legs can take you. It’s about the freedom to roam, being  away from cars, going into nature and relying on your own abilities. 

In racing there’s always the element of who crosses the finish line first, but at the time there is also a certain unity if having conquered the same course at the same time. In that way, everyone wins and everyone is celebrated. 

But don’t let me tell you what gravel is. Part of the beauty lies in the fact that it’s so many things. It’s for you to define and for you to make it your own. 

Gravel riding in the mountains

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What content you’ll be seeing this week

Now, we’re not going to give it all away just yet, but these are some topics and questions we’re hoping to cover this week:

You'll find all of our Gravel Week articles here, keep checking back, as more will be added daily! 

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