Tubeless wheels test


Are you ready to go tubeless? We rate some of the current available options


Corima Aero+ Tubeless

Review of the Corima Aero+ Tubeless review, the first all-carbon tubeless wheel



Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit

Campagnolo has done its homework to produce a great tubeless wheel with a lively feel



Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon

Range-topping Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon wheels mix carbon rims and aluminium spokes to create a brilliant blend of speed and




Shimano was the first company to release a tubeless rim with its scandium WH-7850, but Corima has won the race to the first full-carbon tubeless aero rim. Excellent is the only way to describe Corima’s first tubeless wheel, the Corima Aero+ Tubeless. It successfully unites the advantages of a stiff aero wheel with the benefits of tubeless technology.