American amateur rider tests positive for seven banned drugs in single doping test

Kayle LeoGrande receives lengthy eight-year ban for second offence

(Image credit: chris catchpole)

An American rider has been banned for eight years after testing positive for no fewer than seven banned substances after winning a criterium in California.

Kayle LeoGrande, 40, tested positive for raloxifene, ostarine, ibutamoren, GW1516 sulfone, RAD140, LGD4033, and andarine in an in-competition test after winning the Dana Point Grand Prix of Cycling in Dana Point, California on April 30, 2017.

"Raloxifene and GW1516 sulfone, a metabolite of GW1516, are prohibited substances in the class of Hormone and Metabolic Modulators; ostarine, RAD140, LGD4033 and andarine, are prohibited substances in the class of Anabolic Agents; and ibutamoren is a prohibited substance in the class of Peptide Hormones, Growth Factors, Related Substances and Mimetics," a U.S Anti-Doping (USADA) statement explained.

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As this was the second time that LeoGrande had been caught using banned substances, USADA announced that he would be banned for eight years, with LeoGrande not contesting the charge.

LeGgrande, a professional rider for Jelly Belly in 2005 and Rock Racing between 2007 and 2008, and was previously banned for using EPO after a team soigneur testified against him to USADA.

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