Australian cyclists discover week-old baby in a drain

Mother is charged with attempted murder after group of cyclists discover her week-old baby in a 2.5m storm drain in Sydney

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A mother in Sydney, Australia, has been charged with attempted murder after the baby she abandoned in a drain was discovered by a group of cyclists.

Police say the baby may have survived in the 2.5m deep drain for up to five days until his discovery on Sunday morning.

David Otte was cycling with his daughter near the M7 motorway at Quakers Hill in western Sydney when they heard the baby crying.

“It was so intense. You couldn't not tell it was a baby,” Mr Otte told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“We couldn't see it but we could hear it. It was distressed.”

The baby is described as being in a serious but stable condition, suffering from malnourishment and dehydration.

Police believe the baby was born last Monday and was abandoned in the storm drain 24 hours later.

The mother, aged 30, was denied bail and is expected to appear in on Friday.

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