Socks over or under leg warmers? We asked, and here’s what you said…

Opinion is divided among cyclists as to whether to wear your socks over or under your leg warmers. Really, there's only one way that makes sense...

There’s a new potentially eternal debate raging among cyclists to add to the other eternal raging cycling debates: should you wear your socks over leg warmers, or leg warmers over your socks?

It appears to be right up there with whether you should wear a helmet, or place the arms of your sunglasses over your helmet straps (if you wear a helmet… the choice is yours).

Granted, the question is a trivial one in comparison to some of the other debates currently taking place in the world, but as we are talking about cycling etiquette, there are some very firm opinions expressed in support of both sides of the argument.

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I have to state in the interest of transparency that I didn’t realise until recently that socks over leg warmers was even a thing, but it very definitely is. I have been sent proof via Twitter. It’s even quite a pro thing in Belgium, we are told.

In an attempt to gauge public opinion on this sartorial matter, the question was posed via Twitter poll.

The result gives a pretty clear-cut conclusion that cyclists’ socks should be positioned under leg warmers, and not socks over leg warmers. At time of writing, a convincing 76 per cent of the 1,773 respondents agreed.

It has to be said, though, that there were strong arguments fielded for each side.

And some questioned the use of leg warmers at all, in or out of socks.

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