If you were given $3,000 right now, what bike would you buy and why?

Introducing “CW asks,” a new feature series aiming to inform, entertain and answer bike-y questions

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At Cycling Weekly, we pride ourselves on our journalism backgrounds and expertise. And day in and day out, we receive a host of questions from readers, new cyclists and friends alike. Some are thought-provoking, some quirky and some downright unexpected. Luckily, we are bike nerds and cycling fans first and foremost — and opinionated ones at that — so we decided it's high time to pull back the curtain, give you a peek into our world, and answer some questions for all to read. 

Welcome to "CW asks," a fun, new feature series where our seasoned staff will answer questions, no matter how random or whimsical they may be. Ever wondered which bikes we ride ourselves? What we’ve learned from traveling with our bikes the world over? Whether we think electric road cycling should be a UCI sport? Or who we think may just be the greatest cyclist of all time?  Our "CW asks" series isn't just about delivering knowledge; it's a chance for us to share a bit of our personality and our passion with you. As we dive into some questions, please feel free to send in some questions of your own to anne.rook@futurenet.com

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