THE Dave Rayner Fund plan to send junior teams to Continental races next year. Under 23 riders are also being considered.

The move follows the Fund?s success with junior teams in the annual Junior Tour of Ireland in 2007 and 2006.

The Fund, which selects and pays for talented youngsters to race abroad, has offered places to national squad juniors should British Cycling be unable to send a team abroad due to other commitments.

?These additional measures are of course dependent on continued support at least to the level the Fund currently enjoys,? explained Keith Lambert, the former national champion and member of the Rayner Fund Selection Committee.

?The main sources of income presently are the Dinner, the Etape du Dales and Fun Ride with our President Brian Robinson, as well as numerous donations particularly the fantastic contribution the Fund receives from the Fred Whitton Challenge.?

He says the Fund continues to offer support individual riders in pursuit of their dreams ? and join a Continental team. Dan Martin is the latest Rayner rider to do so, joining the Slipstream team.

The riders supported with Rayner funding this year are:

Tobyn Horton

Adam Biggs

Andrew Griffiths

Dominic Schills

Richard Heathcote

Ian Legg

Steve Lampier

Dan Shand

Dan Davies

Adam Illingworth

Peter Bissell

Tom Walters

Sam Webster

Tom Murray

Adam Norris

Nicki Harris (F)

Matt Brammeier

Three additional 3 month placings have been offered Steve Guymer, Peter Williams and

Alex Wise, after they have completed their studies.

?Unfortunately the committee had to turn down 28 applicants which is always disappointing but the number of applications received is very encouraging for the future,? said Lambert.