Matej Mohorič says police raid on Bahrain Victorious hotel made him feel like a 'drug dealer'

The team have denied any wrongdoing after French police raided their hotel on Wednesday night

Matej Mohoric on stage 18 of the 2021 Tour de France
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Tour de France stage winner Matej Mohorič said that he felt like a "drug dealer" as police raided his Bahrain Victorious hotel on Wednesday night in Pau.

Demanding riders training files and other information, the police also seized phones, computers, and even food, with up to 50 officers entering the rooms of riders and staff.

The French prosecutors, based in Marseille, have confirmed that they are investigating doping in the team. It is reported that the tip-off came from two anonymous people, although no evidence of doping within the team or its riders has come to light. 

Mohorič, winner of stage seven of this year’s Tour, told a small group of reporters including Cycling Weekly after the culmination of stage 18 that he was made to feel like a criminal when the police arrived. 

“Yesterday, in this situation, I felt like a drug dealer, a proper drug dealer,” the Slovenian said. “They went through my phone and everything. 

“Fifty policemen broke into the hotel. I don’t know how many exactly because I didn’t count, but it was many, and they searched through everything we have got, every single one of us 

“They also took some food, computers, and some guys have been left without phone and computers. 

“They said that they took them as evidence and said they will see them again in two months.” 

In a statement, Bahrain Victorious denied any wrongdoing and pledged to work with the authorities investigating. 

The incident, however, angered Mohorič who insisted that he and his team race clean. 

“We have nothing to hide," he said. "The only thing we have to do is prove our words. We play on an even field with all the others. 

“If you hide, it doesn’t make sense to me. Some days I save my energy, some days I invest my energy, but it doesn’t mean that those days I have special help or something. 

“It’s super disrespectful but once the investigation is cleared I hope we are proved to be one of the best teams and good results will be expected of us.” 

Asked who he thinks is behind the claims, the 26-year-old responded: “It’s hard for me to comment. 

“I don’t know who made the claim or ordered the warrant. It’s not my responsibility. 

“I am just here to focus on the race and I have nothing to hide. I don’t care. It’s a little bit weird, no?”