Bradley Wiggins’s amazing custom shoes have to be seen to be believed

Pop art design in tribute to Paul Weller and The Jam

If you thought Elia Viviani’s special custom shoes for the Giro d’Italia weren’t eye-catching enough, then check out the new kicks that Bradley Wiggins has been given by Giro ahead of his appearance in next week’s Tour of California.

Now fans of the pop art movement will should recognise them as a section of Roy Lichtenstein’s “Whaam!” painting from 1963, but Wiggins’s shoes are more intended as a tribute to Paul Weller, and the Lichtenstein-inspired Rickenbacker guitar that The Jam frontman has used in the past. And beneath that skin are a pair of Giro Empire SLX shoes, which, to be honest, are a pretty cool pair of shoes even without a custom colourscheme.

Bradley Wiggins’s admiration for Weller is no secret, with the two of them teaming up to record a show for BBC Radio 6 Music and performing together in the months after Wiggins’s 2012 Tour de France win, although the four-time Olympic gold medallist did not pick anything from The Jam when he appeared on Desert Island Discs last year.

Wiggins is currently on a training camp in California ahead of his appearance in the Tour of California, with the race being used in preparation for the Rio Olympics in August.