Lezyne adds navigation, colour screens and Strava Live segments to GPS computer range

There are now five cycle computers to choose from as well as two GPS watches

After launching its first range of GPS cycle computers early last year, Lezyne has completely overhauled the three existing models, replacing them with new units that will come with turn-by-turn navigation, as well as its first cycle computer with a colour screen and two GPS watches.

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A big issue we had with the old models (such as the Lezyne Mini GPS) is that they didn’t come with navigation, meaning that you had to rely on your phone when using them in unfamiliar areas. Lezyne has fixed this with the new models, offering turn-by-turn navigation when following routes. However, this is still done through a connection to your phone.

lezyne gps computer app

Turn-by-turn navigation is controlled from a smartphone app

That said, Lezyne is making the most of you having to have your phone connected to the device. Like the Wahoo Elemnt and top-end units from Garmin, Lezyne GPS computers will now be able to offer smart notifcations from your smartphone, displaying a little message whenever you get a phone call, text, or email. The units will also be able to connect with Strava Live for the first time, helping you target those KOMs.

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The most expensive unit in the range is the Lezyne Micro C GPS (£139.99) which is the first Lezyne computer to feature a colour screen. However it is not the most advanced computer in the range, as the Lezyne Super GPS (£129.99) comes with a larger (if black and white screen) and a different battery which gives a claimed 24 hour battery life.

lezyne micro gps computer

The Micro GPS is available with either a colour or black and white screen

The other units in the cycle computer range are the Micro GPS (), Macro GPS (), and Mini GPS () all of which offer various combinations of battery life, GPS/Glonass satellite connectivity, ANT+/Bluetooth connectivity, and screen and device size, which can be fully digested in this handy comparison table.

The other two additions to the Lezyne range are two new watches. The Micro C GPS watch and Micro GPS watch (the former offering a colour screen, GPS and Glonass, and better battery life) look very similar to the cycle computers, but with the obvious addition of a watch strap, and offer modes for hiking and running as well as a standard lifestyle mode that means it will work as an activity tracker too. The prices are £185.99 for the Micro C GPS watch (with heart rate monitor) and £129.99 for the black and white Micro GPS watch.