Lezyne’s Pressure Drive mini pump goes digital

Lezyne's best-selling Pressure Drive pump gets an option with a digital pressure gauge

Lezyne is known for its pumps, although its range extends to GPS, lights, tools and packs too. Top of the tree for pumps are its track pumps with digital gauges. Now Lezyne has extended its digital pump offering to its portable pumps too.

The Pressure Drive is the brand’s top selling hand pump. It’s easily pocketable and Lezyne claims it can reach pressures of 120psi. We’ve liked Lezyne’s pumps when we’ve reviewed them in the past, although we’ve usually given up quite a bit before hitting the claimed maximum pressure.

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The new Digital Pressure Drive combines the standard pump’s portability and practicality with an in-built digital pressure gauge. The gauge is attached to the pump’s body. It’s designed to be low profile, so it shouldn’t get in the way when using the pump or when carrying it. It’s powered by a replaceable coin cell battery and incorporates a 4cm long display panel. It’s got an auto power-off function too, to save on battery usage.

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Hose is carried in the body and is presto and schraeder valve compatible

Hose is carried in the body and is Presta and Schraeder valve compatible

The rest of the pump is built like the standard Pressure Drive, so it’s got a flexible hose which is stored in the pump’s body and covered by a rubber end cap. The hose is screwed into the barrel before use: screw it in one way round and it is Presta valve compatible; reverse it and it fits Schraeder valves. There’s also a bleed button to release the pressure in the hose and ensure that the Presta valve core isn’t unscrewed by mistake.

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Of course, the added technology doesn’t come for free and UK distributor Upgrade Bikes’ RRP for the digital version of the Pressure Drive is a penny under £60, doubling the price of the standard model without a gauge. But for extra confidence that you’ve got your tyres up to pressure and for mixed terrain tyres where getting the correct pressure is important, the gauge is a useful addition and saves the hassle and expense of having a separate pressure gauge.

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