Merida Scultura recall – how to find out if you're affected

Merida has recalled select models of its 2017 Scultura range, here's how to know if you're affected

merida scultura disc 6000 endurance bike of the year

Merida Scultura Disc 6000

(Image credit: Chris Catchpole)

Merida has ordered a total recall of select 2017 Merida Scultura models, due to issues with the carbon fork.

The company announced via press release that the following Scultura models have forks that may need to be returned: 4000, 4000 Juliet, 5000, 6000 and the Scultura Special Edition.

The recall also affects the following disc versions: 200, 400, 400 Juliet, 500, 4000, 4000 Juliet, 5000 and 6000.

Merida claims that the defect actually lies within the fork rather than the frames. To find out if your fork is affected you can check the serial number on the back of it.

How to check if your bike's fork is affected

The affected forks will be labelled FK-CF1638 (rim brake) or FK-CF1638D (disc brake). Only the forks with production code A-O-UD after the serial number will be affected.

If you find you have one of the affected models, Merida stresses that you stop riding the bike immediately and contact the dealer from which you purchased the bike. The brand is running a replacement scheme for the forks in conjunction with its dealers.

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According to Merida, the affected model's steerer is not able to withstand the stresses and strains of riding. Under intensive use, the area underneath the stem and spacers can crack and fracture, over time leading to total collapse.

Supposedly, the issue stems from an irregularity in the production process, a problem first highlight by a Merida sponsored amateur team in Italy. Upon further team inspections, Merida noticed other cracks developing.

merida scultura disc 6000 endurance bike of the year

Only select 2017 Scultura models are affected
(Image credit: Chris Catchpole)

According to the brand, it immediately contacted an independent testing lab who confirmed that the forks were not safe for use. Merida commented that, "Merida is fully aware of its responsibility towards its customers. The reason for this recall was neither foreseeable or actively avoidable".

It continued, "as cycling fans ourselves, we are aware how important time on the bike is for our customers and we are going to do our utmost to rectify this situation as soon as possible. We would like to apologise in advance for the inconvenience this will cause."

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