MIPS brain protection system will be featured in more than 90 helmets at Eurobike

The Swedish brand's helmet technology is becoming a more and more accepted reality among helmet manufacturers

If numbers count, the more than 90 helmet models featuring the MIPS brain protection system that will be on show at Eurobike  are already proof of manufacturers backing the company’s technology.

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The MIPS system consists of an extra, thin layer of protection put into a helmet (for bicycles, but also snow sports and horse riding), designed to address rotational motion caused by impact on the head. MIPS’s low friction layer allows a relative motion between the head and the helmet, redirecting the forces that otherwise would damage the head more severely. This means that when you fall off your bike and hit the ground with your head, the layer allows the head to move a bit in the helmet and redirect impact forces.



Claimed strain levels on the head in case of crash, with MIPS and without

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“The wide adoption of MIPS that we are seeing is the result of the nearly 20 years of dedicated study on the science of how the human brain is affected by energies resulting from impacts,” said MIPS CEO Johan Tiel in a press release. “We’ve integrated this understanding into our MIPS Brain Protection System and we are proud that consumers are starting to consider MIPS as a non-negotiable ingredient in any helmet.”

Moto 34 Black

An example of MIPS into a motor bike helmet

The system, the company claims, can be fitted in almost any helmet and you can find the MIPS logo on the side of a helmet if the system is featured into the product.


Among all the brands that feature the MIPS system, the Italian Vittoria shoes and helmets is launching an aero one called VH Ikon

LZB11_Bullet_matte black white red_160630.55

Lazer also features an aero helmet with MIPS called B11 – bullet

Among the brands that are featuring the MIPS system, there will be Bliz, Etto, Lazer (with a top-end model called B11 – bullet that has no price yet), Occano, RH+, Rudy Project, Tec, Stiga, Sweet Protection and Vittoria, which is launching the aero model VH Ikon for 219 euros (£185).