Tech of the week: Stages power meters now even cheaper plus new 2020 bikes

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Price drop on Stages power meters

Training with power was once considered a luxury afforded only to the pros and super committed, but with prices ever falling and indoor training apps using watts across the board, using a power meter has become pretty common place.

If you've yet to join the FTP/TSS/Intensity Factor bandwagon, then there's still time - and entry into the wattage world just got cheaper, with Stages slashing its prices across the board.

A Shimano 105 crank has been reduced to £299 (formerly £429), with the likes of the Shimano Dura Ace R9100 Power LR crankset model at £939 (from £1199).

Check the full story for more details here. 

Fastest ever wheels from Hunt unveiled

Wheel brand Hunt has worked with aerodynamicist Luisa Grappone to create its fastest ever range of wheels - with three rim options: 52mm, 62mm and 82mm.

The wheels all sit in a new 'Aerodynamicist' family, and use specific rim shaping developed in conjunction with research garnered from the development of Hunt’s Limitless wheels last year.

The brand has released a host of data in a white paper to accompany the launch, showing the 82 to be the fastest against the competition, and the 52 and 62 models to be highly competitive.

Hunt is known for offering excellent performance at an impressive price, and these come in at £1189 (52), £1249 (62), £1329 (82).

Get the full story here.

Ciöcc is back with a 2020 UK range

The artisan Italian machines from Ciöcc will be relaunched in the UK this year, with a brand new 2020 range coming exclusively to Grupetto Italia this spring.

The brand, pronounced 'church', became famous in the 70s and 80s for its association with winners of the Milk Race (what is now the Tour of Britain).

A teaser video has been released, showing a new aero road, steel road, steel gravel, electric and vintage machine. All models come with some swanky looking mod cons, with the aero Blade in particular taking our eye.

Check out the teaser video here.

Best entry level bikes for 2020

VanRysel RR 900 AF

Van Rysel RR 900 AF
(Image credit: Cycling Weekly)

We don't have prices on the Ciöcc models yet - but we're not expecting entry level.

Because not everyone is looking for a superbike, we've rounded up nine excellent wallet friendly machines for 2020.

Several of the bikes included come from brands which operate on a direct only basis, or from retailers who offer an in-house marque. In both cases, this usually allows the creators to drop the price through cutting out expense elsewhere.

However, there's also a few options from some of the biggest brands in cycling. If you're new to cycling, have a friend who might be tempted to join the bike riding family, or just don't want to spend over £1000, check out our round up of the best cheap road bikes for 2020 here.

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