Tour de France bike: Maxime Mederel’s BH Aero

With Sojasun bringing less mainstream bike brand BH to the WorldTour, it’s a bit of a novelty for us to see the Aero through fresh eyes and not know what’s gone before.

Although it’s not a million miles away from the current time trial bikes we’ve seen of late, there are one or two differences that make it stand out from the crowd.

Grabbing hold of Maxime Mederel’s BH bike, the first thing that stands out is the top tube kink, which morphs to form the head tube with integrated steerer tube. The simple hinge-like design would have created a seamless meeting with the Vision Trimax bars, had it not have been for the stack of spacers under the BH bespoke stem.

From the side, the bike looks rather meaty, but a front-on view reveals just how slender the overall head-on aspect of the frame is. The seatstays are particularly narrow, only just allowing clearance for the Panaracer Race C Evo2 23mm tubs on the Corima Carbon + disc and tri-spoke.

It’s not just the wheels that are a departure from the mainstream (Sojasun are the only team at the Tour de France to be riding them), the team choice of Rotor Flow time trial-specific cranks and standard rotor Q Rings chainrings means that along with Shimano Di2 7970 and TRP V-pull brakes this is a far from a common set-up.

Corima Carbon + and Three Spoke with ceramic bearings

Time Trial specific Rotor Flow cranks and standard Q rings with Look aero pedals

TRP brakes mounted behind forks with tried and tested red Corima specific cork pad

Narrow seat stays again with TRP V-brakes brakes and Corima pads