Wilier Cento 10NDR now comes in gorgeous ramato option

Metallic copper and black finish now an optional extra on Wilier’s premium endurance bike

(Image credit: AlexLuise.com)

Wilier launched its Cento10NDR endurance bike in 2017. Now it’s added a ramato finish to the colour options to its high end endurance machine. It’s a colour that harks back to Wilier’s past, when from the 1940s its top-end steel frames were finished in the metallic copper colour.

Making bikes since 1906, Wilier’s racing heritage includes a win in the Giro d’Italia in 1948 with Fiorenzo Magni. It sponsored top end teams throughout the 1990s and 2000s, with green jersey wins in the Tour de France and Marco Pantani making the fastest ever ascent of Alpe d”Huez on a Wilier in 1997.

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Wilier reintroduced the ramato finish in 2016, but this time applied to its modern carbon framesets as an option on its Cento10Air race bike. It says that getting the quality of finish required is a long and painstaking multistage process, with the special paint layers applied by hand. Each layer must be applied completely smoothly to achieve the unblemished mirrored finish.

Ramato colour extends to the bar and stem as well as the frame
(Image credit: AlexLuise.com)

The Cento10NDR itself is a premium endurance machine, topping out at over £7000 with Dura-Ace or SRAM eTap. It comes with Wilier’s unique Actiflex technopolymer damper built into the seatstay-seat tube junction. This adds extra compliance to the rear end, while maintaining a constant saddle-to-crank geometry.

Actiflex damper offers additional compliance in the rear triangle

The position is more upright than on Wilier’s typically race-oriented bikes and at the front, there’s a custom designed bar and stem combo which gives full adjustability, while completely hiding the brake and gear cables on hydraulic-electronic builds. On the ramato Cento10NDR, there’s added copper metallic finish on the bar and stem as well as the frame.

Wilier has hedged its bets with the Cento10NDR by offering both rim brake and disc brake variants. The bike made our Editor’s Choice list in 2017.

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As you’d expect, adding ramato finish to the Cento10NDR adds to the price – expect to pay an extra €1500 over Wilier’s standard price.