Armstrong to announce Team Radio Shack?

Lance Armstrong promised an announcement on his new backer today at the Tour de France, but he might have been beaten to it by Twitter.

ESPN reporter Bonnie Ford Tweeted late last night: Two words: Radio Shack. Rumours on Armstrong’s team have been rampant since the seven-time Tour winner said he would leave Astana and form his own team for 2010.

The team was originally given the working title of Nike/Livestrong, but although the two companies will have a presence in any Armstrong venture, neither of them need to be title sponsor. A long list of rumoured sponsors have since emerged including Oracle, Google, Apple, Twitter and Nissan.

According to website, the domain is registered to CSE Cycling of Austin, Texas. Lance Armstrong’s management company. The registration was made on July 20 and has been reserved for two years.

Radio Shack is a US based chain of retail stores specialising in electrical goods. They also have stores in the UK and across Europe. Worldwide they have around 6,000 stores.

The official announcement is expected at 6pm Central European time.