Jens Voigt covers all the big issues in a 20-minute Twitter burst

The Greek financial crisis, women's football and the Tour de France - all things Jens Voigt talked about on Twitter this lunchtime

Anyone who follows Jens Voigt on Twitter will know the German former Trek cyclist is a bit eclectic when it comes to what he shares with the fans.

Whether it’s live blogging his daughter’s horse riding lessons, doing the school run or travelling the world as an ambassador for Trek, the man does it all.

But in a 20-minute streak on Monday lunchtime, the 43-year-old covered a series of topics that would otherwise never be discussed together, including the global economy and women’s football.

Of course, he bookended it with a bit of Tour de France analysis, some of which was more relevant than others, including a very interesting question about roundabouts.

1. 12:53pm – Voigt ponders who his ‘Domestique of the Day’ for stage two was.

2. 12:57pm – After four minutes of pondering, Voigt plumps for Daniele Bennati, who guided Alberto Contador into the front group, despite puncturing himself.

3. 1:03pm – Moving on to Monday’s stage, Voigt wonders why Fabian Cancellara had dropped off the back of the peloton…rumour has it the Swiss had a puncture in the neutral zone.

4. 1:06pm – Just three minutes after thinking about the state of Fabian Cancellara, Voigt turns his attentions to the state of the financial crisis in Greece.

5. 1:07pm – And he seamlessly links to the Women’s World Cup, where Germany finished fourth.

6. 1:12pm – As if the 20 minutes had never happened, Voigt turns his attentions back to the important subject of the Tour de France road furniture.

Jensie is providing guest commentary on ITV4’s coverage of the Tour de France this year, in which, thankfully, he sticks to talking about cycling, and is pretty good at it too.

Watch highlights of stage two of the Tour de France

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