Velon reveals what live rider data we will see on our TV screens at the Tour de Suisse

At the presentation of the Tour de Suisse, Velon CEO Graham Bartlett teases us with what we can expect from on-screen rider data

Ever wondered what the heart rate of a professional cyclist is when they’re riding up a mountain? At the upcoming Tour de Suisse you’ll have that information at your fingertips, as Velon reveals what live data they will be streaming throughout the race.

Velon, a joint partnership between 11 WorldTour teams, partnered with the Swiss race earlier this year and teased us with promises of live on-screen data from the riders.

At the Tour de Suisse launch on Wednesday, Velon CEO Graham Bartlett addressed the crowd to reveal a few more details of what to expect, with the race’s Twitter account indicating that viewers will be able to compare rider data on an app as well as it appearing on TV screens.

Race director Oliver Senn said: “[This is a] great way to experience the tremendous effort of the professional riders at close quarters.”

By the sound of it, not all riders will be equipped with sensors – with a few riders each day being tagged – but if this trial is a success then there should be no reason why the whole peloton can’t be tracked.

Live rider data was trialled at the Tour de France in 2015 through ASO’s partnership with Dimension Data. Velon has joined forces with Infront Sports & Media to develop its own platform for transmitting the data to the fans of the sport.

There are sure to be more details released soon and we will keep you updated with exactly what to expect.

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