Friday Roundup: A one of a kind Colnago C68, more on-bike aero sensors in the World Tour, and potentially the smallest musette in the world

We take a look at how much this spectacular Colnago could sell for in auction

collage of musette, aerosensor and designer crouching by front wheel of bycicle
(Image credit: Colnago, Ornot, Aerosensor)

This week in tech, we have seen a new partnership with Lidl-Trek bringing more Formula 1 technology to the World Tour, and a one of one Colnago that's set to fetch as much as $30,000 dollars at auction.

Alongside that, we are taking a look at two useful products you never knew you needed. Let's jump straight in.

Colnago x Motoki Yoshio

Colnago is already an exclusive brand in the cycling industry, but its latest collaboration with Japanese designer Motoki Yoshio goes even further. Up for auction this week at Sotheby's is this one-of-one Colnago C68.

Colnago C68 by Motoki Yoshio Matt

(Image credit: Colnago)

The unique matte colorful design is up for auction over the next seven days without a reserve, but Sotheby's expects the bike to sell for anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000. 

Colnago C68 by Motoki Yoshio Matt

(Image credit: Colnago)

Some of you may recognize the colour scheme and for good reason. Motoki Yiosho chose the C68 as his canvas over a year ago, in a project to release a limited run of bikes retailing at $15,000 which were first seen at the Rouleur Live Bike Show in 2022. The final selection process came down to two bikes,  one with a gloss finish, and one with a matte.

Ultimately the glossy finish was chosen for the limited production run, but the matte prototype remains totally unique.

Colnago C68 by Motoki Yoshio Matt

(Image credit: Colnago)

Unsurprisingly, the build sheet is filled top to bottom with range-topping parts. The C68 is fitted with Campagnolo Super Record WRL 12 speed shifting, Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 db wheelset, and Colnago CC.01 integrated bar and stem.

It's only available in a size 51 too - so if you are thinking about bidding, don't forget to check the size chart!

Lidl-Trek Aerosensor partnership

Lidl-Trek has announced a new partnership with Aerosensor, a company working with technology to optimize aerodynamics on the bike. The company's founder and CEO Dr. Barney Garrood (PhD) has brought over 20 years of Formula 1 experience to the cycling world, to develop a system that claims to be able to measure CdA with +/- 1.5 per cent repeatability on the road.


(Image credit: @SeanHardy Via Trek)

The system is comprised of two main devices, the eponymous sensor mounted to the handlebars, which measures aerodynamic drag, and the Aerobody component mounted on the stem, which measures the riders body position.

Garrood explains, "Aerosensor works by combining data from a cyclist’s road speed sensor and power meter with its own air flow measurements to accurately calculate the aerodynamic drag coefficient (CdA).  The CdA is generally consistent regardless of the speed, meaning it’s a reliable measure of how aerodynamically efficient a rider is."


(Image credit: @SeanHardy Via Trek)

It's worth us mentioning that this isn't the first time we have seen on bike aerodynamic sensors being used in the World Tour. In fact, we first posed the question 'Are aero sensors the tech of the future?' back in 2020. 

But ever improving technology and more teams beginning to utilize it more widely could be a sign of things to come.

A particularly pocketable musette

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been on my way home from a ride and needed to stop by the store to ‘grab something real quick’ and then struggled with a way to carry the grocery items home. Ornot has come up with an excellent solution: a featherweight musette bag that packs down in a teeny, tiny package Aptly named the Micro Musette Bag, the handy carrier is not much larger than an Airpod case when stuffed into its own internal pocket and weighs just 35 grams.

The Ornot Micro Musette

(Image credit: Ornot)

When in use, the musette measures 13" x 15" (33cm x 38cm) and promises to hold “6 banh mi sandwiches” – a claim which I cannot wait to put to test once the snow and ice melts. The bag is made from recycled ripstop nylon that’s box stitched for strength, and features a lid with two snap closures. Cut and sewn in California, the Micro Musette Bag is available in five colors and retails for $35.

Flat packing bike storage

Here’s a product you didn’t know you needed: a foldable, portable bike stand that can hold up to five bikes. The newly launched AHHA Toaster™ is a bike storage solution for both temporary or permanent bike parking – whether you’re looking to organize your garage space or need a way to keep your precious steeds upright at the trailhead or in the parking lot of a race.

The AHHA Toaster rack in use

(Image credit: AHHA)

The clever mechanism and design allows the rack to fold flat –down to just 2” in height x 30”W x 32”L– and pops open when needed. Folding and unfolding literally takes mere seconds. 

The wheel slots are said to accommodate virtually any wheel size –from 20” kid wheels to 29” MTB tires– though the fatty, 3” tires on my e-bike were too much for the rack (the slots measured 2.75” in width). While the rack will store your bikes as is, AHHA does sell color-coded grommets for a more secure grip on the tires.

The AHHA Toaster rack in use

(Image credit: AHHA)

The stand is made largely from recycled aluminum, weighs in at 14 pounds, and is powder coated –in black, white or red– to withstand the elements and survive travel.
The Toaster™ started off as a Kickstarter project but is now available directly from the AHHA website for $399. It’s not cheap, but AHHA claims the stand will outlast your bike and guarantees it for two years.

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