Would you buy a $95 plain white T-shirt from Chris Froome?

Perhaps more 'season appropriate', the range also includes a $220 grey hoodie…

Chris Froome
(Image credit: Getty Images: Marco Bertorello)

In the latest of Chris Froome’s business ventures, the seven-time Grand Tour winner has now released a range of apparel, in collaboration with Miami based fashion designer, Fabrice Tardieu.

In a tweet, Froome described the collection as: "A laid back, luxury, cycling-inspired sportwear collection focused on providing meticulously handcrafted garments designed with fine finishing in mind while combining comfort and modern day ath-leisure wear!"

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Perhaps the most striking product in the range is the “Froome Bike White V Neck”. As the name suggests, it is a mostly plain, white T-shirt with a small picture of a bike on the front and the Italian Tricolore running down the length of the back. Available in sizes S–XXL, the top comes in at a whopping $95.00 – or four interest-free payments of $23.75, should the list price feel a little much to pay in one go.

Chris Froome x Fabrice Tardieu

(Image credit: Fabrice Tardieu)

That ‘understated chic’ is a theme that is carried through into the “Froome Bike Grey Hoodie”. Doing again largely what it says on the tin, the same bicycle logo is in place on the front, while the Italian stripes remain on the back. Adoring the elbows are twin doodles proclaiming “I ❤️ cycling”, with Fabrice Tardieu's initials nestled there inside the heart. Sticking with the same sizing range, the hoodie is $220.00.

Chris Froome x Fabrice Tardieu

(Image credit: Fabrice Tardieu)

A little bolder, the “Froome I Love Cycling Black Trouser” sees the “I ❤️ cycling” motif enlarged, so as to stretch right down the left leg (from the wearer’s perspective). On the back, there are no national colours this time, but the names of Tardieu and Froome – the latter with his ‘M’ forming the silhouette of mountains – are printed above the right buttock. Notably cheaper than the hoodie, these are just $125.00.

Chris Froome x Fabrice Tardieu

(Image credit: Fabrice Tardieu)

The range spans 11 items in total, with similar themes running through. 

After beginning his fashion career with Giorgio Armani in Paris, Tardieu went on to found his eponymously named brand in 2014. His artisanal style, defined as “laid-back luxury”, has been worn by celebrities such as Will Smith, Common, Canelo Alvarez, P. Diddy, Cassie, Dwayne Wade, and Gabrielle Union.

Other collaborations have included “I Am Mexico” with Canelo Alvarez and “I Am Qatar” with Galeries La Fayette.

Tardieu’s focus is on “quality design and craftsmanship”, with his clothing bearing the slogan “meticulously handcrafted”. Every pair from the brand's line of shoes is created from “personally-coursed materials” and handmade in Tardieu’s Italian workshop. 

The clothing from the Fabrice Tardieu x Chris Froome collection, however, is made in Turkey and uses 100% cotton. 

high-fashion redesign

(Image credit: Stijn Dossche @stycle_design)

Of course, this isn't the first time that cycling and high fashion have met. Following EF Pro Cycling's collaboration with skate brand Palace for the 2020 Giro d'Italia, Belgian designer Stijn Dossche took it upon himself to give a fashion brand collaboration for 22 teams and the results speak for themselves... 

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