SiS Go Energy Bar review

SiS is a well known and trusted brand at amateur and professional level. It's Go Energy Bar packs a punch.

Taste & texture

In terms of texture I found SiS’s Go Energy Bar pleasingly moist.

Add this to the variety of tasty flavours on offer, which include banana fudge, apple and blackcurrant, and chocolate and orange, and it outperforms the other bars in this category.

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When it comes to cycling nutrition, SiS is a well-known and trusted brand at amateur and professional level, including being nutritional suppliers to Team Sky and Team Wiggins.

Each bar packs a good nutritional punch, with 42 grams of carbohydrates and 2.8 grams of fat.


While it scores well against its competitors in flavour and sustenance, it falls down in practicality, as it is the trickiest bar to open on the move.

Of course, cutting the bars open before a ride can easily solve this issue, but other bars seem just as fresh and don’t require this small but tedious task, so it is worth keeping this in mind before you hit the road.