MET Trenta

The MET Trenta is a well vented aero minded road helmet that is comfortable too




  • LED light attachement
  • Comfortable
  • Cooling
  • Aero


  • Not much!

Price as reviewed:


The MET Trenta helmet has shown to be one of the faster road aero helmets on the market to-date. It looks good, is relatively lightweight and comfortable even in the heat of the summer, a great option and that is the reason why it is in this years Editor’s Choice. 

Like Aero bikes, aero helmets have gradually started to revert back to looking like a normal helmet. More and more manufacturers are now eschewing the filled in look that came in five or six years ago and are opening up their helmets with vents a plenty.

The Giro Synthe was perhaps the first, now Met has followed with the sleek Trenta 3k.

Although it may not look as aero as a Kask Infinity or Specialized Evade II, the Met Trenta performed well in the track based aero testing we put it through earlier this year.

What helps the Trenta is it’s small profile. A smaller object is, after all, always going to be more aerodynamic than a bigger one as it has less air to push out of the way.

Met have achieved this by using a carbon skeleton at the helmets core. With this strength it has kept the amount of compressed polystyrene needed to a minimum which has kept size down while also allowed them to open up the vents (19 in total) a little.

The Trenta comes in five millimetres narrower than a Synthe and significantly shorter than the old Evade. Less bulk means lower weight and all round better aero properties.

The sleek, simple design also looks good.

My favourite thing about this lid is however the fit. The 360 degree retention system was instantly comfortable and easy to micro adjust on the fly. There was no MIPs in our test helmet but there’s a definite trend to using the system across the market so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t included sooner rather than later.

The straps of the Met Trenta– the cheapest, and often most overlooked part of a helmet – were also spot on. Very thin they sat perfectly behind by ears, down my jaw and under my chin with no annoying twists or lose bits flapping around. Everything sat neatly in position and stayed there. It’s little details like this that make a big difference on a five hour ride.

There’s also the addition of a clip-on LED light at the back. It sits over the top of the adjustment dial without restricting access and is so light you wouldn’t know it’s there. With a micro-USB charge point it’s a neat little extra light to have during the longer nights.

A really well put together helmet.


A great, well vented aero helmet that will cost you a whack of money but is ultimately one of the better lids out there today.


Weight: 223g