The latest video from Peter Sagan gives us a look behind the scenes on the training regime he went through to become such a good cyclist. Sort of.

Paying homage to Rocky, the world champion puts himself through a brutal training programme without a bike in sight.

Chin ups, log chopping and pulling someone along on a toboggan are just some of the ways he apparently got ready for this season. It clearly worked, however, as he won the Tour of Flanders and has just enjoyed a spell in the yellow jersey at the 2016 Tour de France.

This isn’t the first video Sagan has made, the most notable of which was probably his rendition of ‘You’re The One That I Want’ from Grease, accompanied by his new wife Katarina.

Sagan lost the leader’s yellow jersey on the climbs of stage five of the Tour, but he retains the lead in his favoured green jersey points competition, a lead he’ll be intending to hold all the way to Paris.