Despite winning the Tour de France twice and appearing on the final podium at Grand Tours a further three times, Chris Froome doesn’t always look like a top end pro.

Elbows out, staring down at his stem and sometimes seeming to lose the wheel of his teammates without much reason, the Kenyan-born Brit is far from graceful on a bike.

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But no one would argue with his dominance in the biggest races as he can put time into his rivals on flat time trials and in the highest mountains.

Ahead of Froome’s quest to defend the Tour de France title he won in 2015 – a feat he couldn’t manage in 2014 after his first win the year before – WIRED joined forces with GoPro to go behind the scenes with the rider and his team to find out how they’re approaching training.

Speaking in the video, Froome is open about the fact that race craft didn’t come to him as easily as his teammates and rivals as he hadn’t taken part in bunch races when he was growing up.

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Despite the huge numbers he was able to produce in training he had to work especially hard on his racing skills to be able to be competitive when it counted.

A look at his recent palmarès would suggest he’s managed it, so all eyes are now on how he fares in July.