Images from the opening time trial stage of the 2014 Dubai Tour, won by Taylor Phinney. Photos by Graham Watson

  • dourscot

    I heard Cav went for a size smaller in frame size this year (a 52), which might explain that odd look. Not sure why he did that but it’s probably just an experiment.

  • bear

    questions about form. I’m kind of old school. Most photos show seat tube length allows rider to touch the top bar with their knee with the cranks horizontal. Length of top tube sets knees slightly behind stem at top of stroke or chosen by length of forearm from tip of saddle to steering tube. In tuck position chest is horizontal and stem length is such that bars are over the axle in riders line of sight. Talyor Phinney’s form looks perfect to me. I’d never accuse Cancellara or Cavendish of bad form, but Fabians bike looks just plain tiny, giving him a less aerodynamic position. Marks bike looks too short in the top tube. Just personal preference?