Victoria Pendleton says Shane Sutton never "held her" in his arms, saying that their relationship deteriorated between the Beijing and London Olympics

Victoria Pendleton has rejected Shane Sutton’s claims that he “held her” in his arms when she “capitulated” in the track centre, which the former British Cycling technical director made after his suspension from the governing body.

Pendleton supported Jess Varnish’s claims of sexism within British Cycling, in which Varnish said Sutton told her to “go and have a baby”. Pendleton revealed that she thought her opinions when in the programme were not as well respected as those of the men.

In response, Sutton told the Times that he was disappointed that the Olympic gold medallist had spoken out, saying he comforted her many times and even stayed up until 3am painting her house in the run-up to the Beijing 2008 Games.

Pendleton told The Times: “Apparently he has held me in his arms many times. I can tell you Shane has never thrown his arms around me.”

As for him helping decorate her house, she said: “That was Shane on a good day. My relationship with Shane was good before Beijing but notice he was talking about the lead-up to 2008. It would be interesting to ask how he was with me in the lead-up to London. That might be a different story.

“It’s all very well being supportive some of the time, but when you trust someone and they turn their back on you it’s the most heart-breaking thing they can do. Shane can be a great bloke, but not all the time and it’s a toss of the coin which side you get.”

Sutton resigned his position as technical director soon after his suspension. He was also accused of discriminating against para-cyclists in the Great Britain set up.

  • Dave2020

    You’re undoubtedly right.

    A rational evaluation of the record shows up more failures than successes and it wasn’t only the women who suffered from bad coaching. Nobody, not even Jason Kenny himself, knows why he under-performed:-

    “The last few World Championships haven’t gone that well, but it hasn’t changed our approach. We were disappointed at the time, but we go away, have a break and just do the same thing again.”

    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results may not be the definition of insanity, but it’s certainly not sensible. If your performance is no good half the time, you should seriously question your ‘approach’. The myth that the coaches ‘won’ the medals is always popular with the coaches.

    “We can’t do the same things for the next four years.” – Dave Brailsford, after the 2008 Olympics, but that’s exactly what they did do. They perpetuated a climate of fear as well, but kid themselves it’s just a ‘competitive’ environment.

  • dourscot

    Why is he a troll for expressing a personal opinion?

  • Chris

    ………and that is your assumption!

  • llos25

    You assume a lot maybe British track cycling may have been much better with someone else in place I for one think it would have been.

  • John Senior

    You’d only know the truth if you were there and we’re all human and with any event we all see things through our own eyes – nothing wrong with that.
    Two facts – BC culture needs an overhaul and some women in key – not token – positions- Without Sutton British Cycling wouldn’t be where it is – Hoy and Pendleton wouldn’t be Olympic Gold Medallists with a banksble profile and based on what Wiggins has said he wouldn’t have won the tour.
    Everything else is a matter of opinion, interpretation and conjecture until a review is published

  • Stevo

    Mark, I wasn’t assuming anything. I simply said “if”.

    However, it is clear there are aspects of social media that you don’t like, and I presume you are interested in having a vaguely meaningful discussion, as you wouldn’t have bothered to respond to my comments otherwise.

  • Mark Roe

    Stevo if you didnt jump to a conclusion why did you assume I dont like social media and again assume I am looking for meaningfull discussion. I simply stated that mulga bill’s comments were uninformed.

  • Stevo

    Mark, I didn’t jump to any conclusion. However, I do reckon that if you are looking for any kind of meaningful discussion, anonymous social media is not the place to look for it.

  • Mark Roe

    Stevo read what I said dude before you comment
    I didnt say I didnt like social media I stated that people like mulga bill with his uneducated comments are what’s wrong with it. Much like people like yourself that jump to incorrect conclusions as well.

  • Stevo

    There is nothing “wrong” with social media. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

  • Mark Roe

    If you have read her book you would understand the reasons behind her comments. People like you shouldn’t be allowed access to social media you epitomize everything that’s wrong with it.

  • Mick

    Not from trolls.

  • ian franklin

    Well done for speaking up Victoria. Ignore the ne’er sayers.

  • mulga bill

    Not at all, dont you belive in opinion?

  • Mick Rock

    Are you a troll?

  • mulga bill

    Oh dear, Pendleton still chirping,desparately trying to stay in the public eye, do something for womens cycling , become a coach, stop riding donkey derbys.Wish someone would decorate my house