Headkayse helmet can still be used even after multiple impacts

If you’re after a helmet that can be used again and again, even after receiving multiple impacts, then the new Headkayse helmet could be the lid for you. Made from “innovative Enkayse materials” instead of the traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS), the helmet will be available from June 2015 if the company’s crowdfunding campaign goes to plan.

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So why does Enkayse make this the apparently the world’s safest helmet? According to Headkayse, EPS is good at absorbing high speed impacts but is destroyed in the process, while at low speeds “a small knock passes the energy straight to your skull, adding up to some nasty long term affects to the brain.”

Headkayse helmet

The helmet has a one-size-fits-all design

In contrast, Enkayse, which is made of a semi-rigid foam, is claimed to absorb the same impacts without permanent damage, meaning that helmets made of the material can be used again even after crashing.

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And that’s not all the Headkayse helmet has up its sleeve. Because of its flexibility, the helmet can be adapted to fit different head shapes, apparently improving comfort. It is also a foldable helmet, flattening by about 70%, meaning that if you’re using it to commute to a train station it should easily fit in your bag when you’re done with it.

How to stay safe while commuting

If that sounds like something that you might be interested in, then the company’s Indiegogo page is the place to go. While the RRP of the finished product will be £89 if you back the project through Indiegogo then you’ll be able to pick up a Headkayse for as little as £65. And that includes a bag too!

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But hurry, Headkayse is already almost half way towards its £60,000 crowdfunding goal, with a limited number of reduced cost helmets available. And if you do decide to invest then the company say that you will receive your helmet around June 2016.

  • Dave

    Anecdotal evidence is irrelevant

  • markholds

    Just wondering what data you had showing that no other helmets improve safety. I have no data, except that my helmet has reduced my injuries (in minor accidents/falls) on more than one occasion.

  • burttthebike

    “World’s safest helmet”? So, unlike all the other helmets, it actually improves safety? Some data would be nice before unsubstantiated claims were accepted as fact. What no data? Well then, STFU until you’ve got some.

  • Goatse

    As long as it looks like that I won’t be wearing one.

  • Jay Kay

    But it looks like a jobbie