Lance Armstrong has his say on the Team Sky doping accusations at the Tour de France, but doesn't say much at all

Lance Armstrong touches down in France on Wednesday to ride with his friend Geoff Thomas, but before he left the United States he dipped his toe into the water of the doping accusations surrounding Chris Froome.

Team Sky claim that their rider data was hacked to obtain stats of Froome’s destructive ride up Mont Ventoux in the 2013, used then to infer the Brit must be doping.

But after a similar show of force on the Col de Soudet on Tuesday questions were again raised as to whether the Sky rider is doping – and Armstrong took to Twitter to answer a few questions on the subject, as well as giving his thoughts on the Tour as a whole.

When one Twitter user requested that Armstrong stopped accusing others of doping (not that he did), the Texan replied rather contritely.

The Texan is set to ride a couple of stages of the Tour with Thomas, one day ahead of the pro peloton, to raise money for Cure Leukaemia.

While Armstrong was requested to stay away from the race by UCI president Brian Cookson, Thomas believes his presence will be a motivation to the other riders in the challenge.

 Watch highlights from stage 10 of the Tour de France

  • Miles Hall

    Looks like Doubting Thomas needs a math lesson…

  • fandersen

    Hi, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Lance beat his equally doped up peers and that is that! Like you I saw it. I watched with awe. Do I think that what he did was wrong – yes but that was the culture in cycling. I think the issue mos people have is his arrogance.
    His work outside of cycling for Cancer research is unparalleled. He gave his freely, unstintingly and for that I will always admire him.
    Let’s give the man his due and move on.

  • Carl Hawkins

    Lance Armstrong won 7 Tour De France.
    I know this because i watched him. I didnt like the way he won them because I like so many British people like to back the underdog and he was so competitive in the same way as Chris Froome is now that it actually ruined the race.
    Watch the film “Gladiator” (Russel Crowe) and Oliver Reed will tell you, “its not about the kill. The crowd need to be entertained”
    But its still undisputable that he won them. Nobody could beat him or they would have won.
    He won them emphatically, awesomely, unbelievably. But he still won them. Against opposition that had, I am sure used the same tactics that are deplored by todays cyclists.
    But I as a keen racing cyclist, who watched in awe, am going to retain that memory forever. The same as when Kelly won into San Remo against Argetin.The same as when Indurain rode like a “motorbike” with riders battling to hang on to his wheel. The same as when David Millar won a stage of the tour, when that was unheard of for a British rider.
    But if we take away every rider that has offended, whether caught or not, there is no history of cycling.
    What did Bobet and Poulidor use? What about Coppi and Bartali? What about Mercx? Who cares? Keep history in the history books and admire them for what they did.
    They were all awsome.
    Thats why cycling is great.

  • Desbil

    A hastily arranged trip albeit staged very amateurishly to get Chris Froome & Team Sky off the hook.

  • Jeremy

    A falcon maybe?

  • E Ghost

    Each tour, that means more than just ten riders, i.e. Not impossible

  • Desbil

    Is that a condor at the end of the video folks?

  • J1

    Hahahaha brilliant.

  • Doubting Thomas

    That’s mathematically impossible.

  • Eric Prot

    Lance who …?

  • elan

    Had it not been for Lance cycling would not be where it is now.Publicity came in vast amounts when he was riding.Magazines sold millions,sponsors made millions.This is about cancer research,money for cancer.If Sky have done nothing illegal then they have nothing to worry about. if the UCI think that they will clean up cycling by just slating Lance and ignoring him then they have not learned much.I will support him to make money for cancer research,that is what this is about.

  • Giant Bikes Break

    For all the heated debate Armstrong provokes I’ve never seen an example of Godwin’s Law in a discussion about him.

  • Kevino Daviessss

    You read the article! You could be the sociopath as you pressed the button and read the column!! Surely no interest why not read something else instead??

  • Kevino Daviessss

    You read the column, why not just skip past if you loathe him that much!!

  • Kevino Daviessss

    Surely our Team Sky and Froome couldn’t be cheating??? I’ll have to take those rose tinted glasses off as the years have proved there’s no smoke without fire, and unfortunately Froomeys proved he’s not been around for every test the past year!!

    Time will ultimately tell …….

  • Kevino Daviessss

    Why? Is he any different from contadors , landis’s etc of the world?

    Unfortunately he was doping when at least 95% of the top ten in each tour were!!


  • Kevino Daviessss

    Sky can possibly be cheating??? Wasn’t the same said about lance!

    His views may be cryptic, but instead of lambasting him, look at simple facts, tell me a rider in the past ten years who hasn’t put in a super effort on a climb then not failed a test later on in there career.

    Let’s hope Froome isn’t added to this list, however ,

    I would stop questioning lance, how many others have failed doping tests including majority of top ten favourites when this tour started.

  • jwbe

    They “have to be”? What does that even mean? Millions stated Armstrong was also, especially when he rode away from GC contenders like they were standing still. See Froome’s recent performance. Sorry, not real.

  • jwbe

    Until today, see Froomey and the boys from Team UK Postal

  • blemcooper

    Should all the Sky lovers also make the same “I have no idea” statement rather than “In my opinion Team Sky is clean” ?

  • quack

    The best rider of all time… Sorry, scratch that. The most sophisticated doper of all time, was what I meant.

  • ian franklin

    Lance Armstrong has displayed the typical behaviour shown by sociopaths. And he continues to do so. He is so full of his self-importance that it beggars belief. However, I must congratulate him on one thing. He at least had the honesty to say “I have no idea” when asked about the accusations against Team Sky. Simply the same answer that all the haters should give. because they don’t know either. In my opinion (opinion is not fact) Team Sky is clean. They have to be. And finally, please stop indulging LA’s feeling of importance CW. Just ignore him.

  • doublefootballhappiness

    he should have called up bill cosby and oscar pistorius for the ride and they could have called it the denial ride. Less than pathetic

  • Lee Wingate

    Cyclingweekly – stop giving lance oxygen!