This bike lock from Abus costs £240 – and doesn't have a key

But you do get an app that remembers where you left your bike

At the heart of the new Abus SmartX lock is an electronically controlled locking cylinder, locked and unlocked via a small motor buried in the barrel.

That’s activated via the Abus app on your smartphone, with an encrypted Bluetooth connection to the lock. Once you’re over 2m away, the lock automatically secures itself and will automatically unlock too, once you’re back in range.

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Keyless unlocking isn’t unique to the SmartX lock: you can unlock your Tesla using your phone and the Vanmoof Electrified S2 and X2 e-bikes also use keyless immobilisation via your smartphone and tamper-detecting alarms, so it’s proven tech.

App will unlock your bike again once you're within 2m of it

Once armed, the SmartX lock uses 3D positioning to detect if it’s being interfered with. Any small movement such as an accidental bump initiates a warning alarm; persist and the lock emits a 100 decibel alarm for 15 seconds, which will repeat if there’s further movement.

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Charging is via USB-C, a powerbank or a mains adapter, with Abus saying a charge will last for up to 3 months. There’s a holster to clip the lock to your bike when you’re not using it.

As well as keyless unlocking, the SmartX lock has other smart functions up its sleeve. So the Abus app also keeps a note of the lock’s last location, so you’ll be able to find your bike again if you forget where you’ve parked it.

Mechanical compromise is prevented via Abus’s top level of resilience, with a 13mm square cross-section, hardened parabolic shackle and the use of special hardened steel components. Of course, it’s rated Sold Secure Gold.

The SmartX lock comes in two length options, with the 300mm size priced at £239.99. There’s also a 230mm length lock available from £219.99.