Video: Craig MacLean sets new roller speed record of 142mph

Craig MacLean uses Guy Martin's Rourke land speed record bike to go 142mph

Jennifer Crouch

Craig MacLean has set a new roller speed record of 142mph on the same Rourke bike that Guy Martin used to set a land speed record.

MacLean set the record at the Rollapaluza event at Look Mum No Hands! café in London on Saturday, where he also set a new mark for 500 metres as well as clocking 142mph for peak speed.

Olympic, world and Commonwealth track medallist MacLean rode 500 metres in 11.34 seconds, which is a staggering average of 99.2mph from a standing start.

All did not go smoothly for MacLean, however, as he found that his calves were too wide for the extra gearing on the Rourke bike, and the Dolan rider had to strap on gaffer tape to prevent chaffing.

Jennifer Crouch of London Dynamo set the top marks for the women's speed and 500m events.

Fastest Speed

Craig Maclean (Dolan Bikes): 142 mph / 227 kph

Rob Reed (The Bicycle Society): 134.1mph / 214.6kmh

James Sullivan (Brixton CC): 130mph / 208kmh

Atiba Quildan (Twickenham CC): 120.4mph / 192.6kmh


Craig Maclean (Dolan Bikes): 11.34 seconds (average cadence 88.2rpm)

Rob Reed (The Bicycle Society): 11.70 seconds

Atiba Quildan (Twickenham CC): 12.06 seconds

James Sullivan (Brixton CC): 12.50 seconds

Fastest Speed

Jennifer Crouch (London Dynamo): 113.1mph / 181kmh

Sam Sullivan (Brixton CC): 107.8mph / 172.5kmh


Jennifer Crouch (London Dynamo): 14.09 seconds

Sam Sullivan (Brixton CC): 14.25 seconds

Craig MacLean mid effort 500m

Craig MacLean mid effort 500m

Craig Maclean max speed effort

CraigMaclean prepares

Jennifer Crouch

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