10 bike goodies to brighten up the winter nights

Ever increasing darkness getting you down? Here are a few that will get you smiling...

With winter drawing ever closer, and the darkness falling just that little bit earlier by the day, it's easy to lose a little bit of the love you have for your bicycle.

A solid winter bike, warm clothing and bike lights you can rely on are of course all important pieces of kit which can help to improve your off-season riding experience.

However, if you want something cheap and cheerful (and sometimes a little bit less practical) to help put a smile on your face, we've got a few suggestions...

Handlebar coffee cup holder

Bookman Cup Holder

Bookman Cup Holder. Image: Bookman

Cyclists and caffeine are intrinsically linked, right? Enjoy the two together with a product like the Bookman Cup Holder (available in lots of colours so you can even match it to your frame..).

Keep your bike happy, too

Happy People 79260 Bicycle Cover

Happy People Bicycle Cover

An actual tent for your bicycle. If you're not able to keep it indoors, at least store your beloved within a proper home from home over the winter months.

Protect your bum in style

Raleigh Ass Saver

Raleigh Ass Saver
(Image credit: Picasa)

Combine functionality with a little design flare with a well designed Ass Saver mudguard.

Shine on, in style

BTR Regenschutz Rucksack Reflective,

BTR Regenschutz Rucksack Reflective
(Image credit: Picasa)

There are tons of waterproof reflective backpack covers out there, all able to help draw attention to your presence on the road - but we like how BTR has added in a grey version, which becomes a beacon in the dark (obviously you'll need a good set of bike lights, too).

Drinks on the ride, anyone?

Fyxation Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier. Image Fyxation

Fyxation Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier

Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'pub bike'... (please do drink responsibly).

Amusing diagrams of everyday life

The Cycling Cartoonist by Dave Walker

The Cycling Cartoonist by Dave Walker
(Image credit: Picasa)

We love following Dave Walker on Twitter for his amusing cartons - and if enjoy them too, then the book could provide entertainment for days.

Jazzy bar tape

KINGOU Camouflage Handlebar Tape

KINGOU Camouflage Handlebar Tape

If the dark nights are getting you down, brighten them right back up again with a party on your handlebars (more excellent bar tape options here).

Lighten up with spoke lights

The wheels on the bike go round-and-round - so why not make them dance?

Top off a good day with a cycling cap

Cinelli Eye of the Storm cycling cap

Cinelli Eye of the Storm cycling cap

A good cycling cap adds a splash of colour to your ride home - and keeps the rain out of your eyes on a bad day.

Warm up with a bicycle mug

I Want To Ride My Bicycle Ceramic Gift Boxed Mug

I Want To Ride My Bicycle Ceramic Gift Boxed Mug
(Image credit: Picasa)

Remind yourself how much you love cycling, as you warm up those chilly fingers on a good mug of post-ride-tea.

Seen any cool cycling inspired accessories? Let us know in the comments...

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