Bike manufacturers are concentrating huge amounts of R and D on parts development these days and, following Specialized?s success with its Body Geometry range of saddles, Trek has used research from the University of Wisconsin to develop a new saddle range: InForm.

Three different widths are available for men, two for women. All depend on pelvic size, but unlike Body Geometry seats, sit-bone width does not dictate padding position. As a road cyclist rotates forward in the saddle, the actual parts of the body in touch with the saddle are the pubic rami.

Trek has taken the measurements of this area into account when designing the InForm saddles, customizing the curvature of the seat, foam density and tuning flex in the shell. Another crucial difference is the lack of any surface groove, the thinking being that such surface gaps merely increase pressure rather than reduce it.

Three different levels are available: the R at £34.99; RL at £49.99 and the top flight RXL at £119.99. Weight reduces as costs increase and less padding material and higher quality materials are used.

Contact:, Trek UK 01908 282626